Nohost domain recovery - Suppression de domaine en, et

Hello everyone,

During my latest yunhost install I did something bad on the SD card (fs corruption or something) and had to restart from scratch.
When I started over I wanted to re-use the previously * domain I was using, but was answered by a very disapointing

Error: Unavailable DynDNS subdomain

As all the process was automatic I didn’t see any credentials allowing me to recover anything.
My SD problem was unanticipated, and I didn’t keep any certificate whatsoever.
Actually I wiped the entire SD card to install the new system.

Is there a way for me to recover this subdomain ?

Thank you all for the time you spend building this actual project.



Give me the domain you used. I’ll remove it.


Thank you very much !
Is there a way for me to keep the control of my domain ? Like backuping some files away ?

Again, I really love the work you’ve done with yunohost.

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I remove it, have fun!

Works like a charm, thank you !

How may I prevent this from happening again ?
Are there files I can backup for this ?


It’s my first test with Yunohost.
Can you remove the DNS “” ?

I have the same error on second install.

Installation de YunoHost...
Erreur : Sous-domaine DynDNS indisponible


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Hi domos,

I deleted it. Have fun :wink:

It would indeed be very good to have a unique token (or a certificate or something) that the user would be able to keep to prove previous usage of the domain.

Or even to automate the process to reinstall. For example if someone want to use to previously used domain (his / her), at installation he is asked a unique token to write and then the system does the rest.

Just an idea.

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Yep, dynette could really be improved :wink:

I have multi dns to remove :
It woulb be fine to have the possibility to reget one of them

I’ve deleted DNS record for:

I coundn’t find any


Can you remove :


@Moul you can please delete mines,
it was the first ones,dont use them ,they still point to here.
thank you

@olho, your domain names had been removed. Enjoy it!
@armand2306, could you give me an approximate domain name creation date? I need to verify this well your domain name.

thank you @Moul !
By the way,i only enter here with the help of git,because have that option"git with GitHub" in the forum login.
i remember that i register with a gmail and two diferent emails from yunohost for access the forum,and i never receive the email in my mail box.
Fix that,maybe thats why have few people here in th forum!

On the third try I have successfully gotten yunohost up and running on a raspberry pi. Everything is working beautifully. That said it was the third try and I was hoping to have these subdomains removed.


I’ve revome the DNS zone. I couldn’t find

Around 1 November 2014.


I removed it! Have fun :slight_smile:

Seems to be the official place for this: can you remove ? Thanks!