Users can't login after changing default page from to


I am facing the same problem like this user:

On a fresh install i changed the default domain from to and users have problems to login. If i change it back (default domain = the problem disappears.

YunoHost-Version is 11.1.13 (stable)

Who can help?

Thank you very much.

We can’t magically guess what you mean by “users have problems to login”

“problems” can mean anything … Please describe precisely what they attempt, how, and what happens exactly, without anything vague like “it doesn’t work” or “nothing happens”

Sorry, my fault.

But: i am sure that there is a problem that wasn’t there in past versions of YunoHost.

On a fresh YunoHost installation i setup as the first domain. Everything is fine.

Then i add a subdomain called - everything is fine till here, too.

But if i change the main domain from to (because i want users to login there) users are not able to login using firefox with their credentials (no message appears).

If i change back (main domain: the error is gone.

Maybe you can try this on your own, too.

Thank you!

Adding subdomain in fresh installation:

Something is broken there.

And i tried to create the domain first - without success.

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