Error message about manually editing /var/www/.well-known/

I changed the default domain from to and got this error if i save the domain settings.

“Die Konfigurationsdatei ‘/var/www/.well-known/’ wurde manuell bearbeitet und wird nicht aktualisiert”

Is there something to do/to change?

Maybe connected to Users can't login after changing default page from to

Thank you.

I tried it so many times. Everytime i create a subdomain this message appears.

How can i install an older version of yunohost? I would like to try. Thank you.

I have also been seeing this warning for every subdomain in my system during config regeneration for quite some time. I am not aware of any action I took that triggered it. There does not seem to be any negative effect, it’s just irritating.

I decided to bite the bullet and force a configuration rebuild from the command line to get rid of all the warnings.

yunohost tools regen-conf -fd

did the trick (I hope). You will want to do a test run first to make sure it won’t have any other consequences:

yunohost tools regen-conf -nd

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Thank you. Do i have to do this if i install YunoHost new, too? Or did you update the source?

I don’t know what caused the original problem so I can’t be sure, sorry. All the same, I would be surprised if a fresh installation (with no backups restored to it) showed the same problem.

Last week even a fresh installation with no backups restored to it showed the same problem. This is why i ask if someone has changed something inside the code :wink:

@Aleks: What do you think about it? Can/should one ignore the warning? It appears, for example, when activating or deactivating incoming/outgoing emails for a domain (“…/etc/ssh/sshd_config’ has been manually modified and will not be updated”).

Thank you.

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