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“regaining control of one’s privacy” by censoring applications. Are you kidding me?

That’s the decision of one to install or not proprietary applications (and give the company related it’s data). You may not have the use of it, but YOUR case is not general.

This is again a free-software integrism thing. It’s a “I take decision for you because I consider user as childs without brain so I need to show them what to install”. Are you really user-centered? or just some kind of users-centered? And we have the classic “you are free to do your shit somewhere else”, That’s not an answer I would give to user (proprietary sw or not), nice for you that YNH is not a company…

Yeah, even free software lover may need proprietary software sometimes. And to propose to easily install some of them is a good point of YNH.

For the proprietary app, free to you to not provide support (someone else can do it), but censoring it’s easy-install method is stupid from an user side. That’s a very sucker punch action. What it cost to you to let it like this and let users maintain them? Nothing.

Remember that many users use a tool, the politics that coming with it will not help to keep the servs up.

And for those who cares with the license, As I said earlier, there’s a little thing that indicate it in software installer, in the square of an app, in the installation part of webui.

Please don’t censor apps for political BS and we’ll speak like adults. Not listening user complains and bring them a big NO for a complain is just child acting.

And TBH, I don’t see a lot of proprietary apps in YNH. I don’t see the problem if those remain not the majority of the apps

You are dev, yes, but not made of gold. I know to who I’m speaking, don’t worry.
Lack of respect? It depends. I highly valor the work done in YNH but not some political trickery.

Sorry to not have the time to subscribe and participate at each piece of software that I use. But even if I’m not subscribed, I look at the communities to see how the thing lives. And, like this case, if something seems wrong, or if I can participate bc I have the knlowledge, I subscribe. My YNH install have some months of life after some test, I’m not a total newbie.

I’m not the sole that complain about that, look at the topic.

Laws are changing Country-related (for good or bat but it’s not the topic) so for a organisation who manages a sw it can be done too. And as I say earlier, proposing is not promoting.

Okay, I’ll take part time job, and you’ll pay me the rest, deal? (that’s a joke)

booh i’m scared

Please. Stop being agressive. And begin a real debate. Agressivity won’t solve the problem. Keep in mind that you are speaking to the devs of Yunohost and active member of the community. Your message seems to lack of respect for them. :confused:

We are trying to find solution like a Non-free software list you could maintain.

We are not censoring, I just find strange that ppl registered 2h later dare criticizing the project.


Don’t take YOUR complains as the complains of every users of Yunohost.

Finally, don’t make the situation dramatical. Yunohost has rules you can see on Project-Organization page. Pls, read it and begin to find solution.

In fact, to sum up my point is : “speak less, act more” and then we will have a real debate.

EDIT: Ah yes, it was 1st warning of moderation.