Think I borked my installation. How to start again?

My YunoHost server

Old gaming computer. nividia 970 display card, 500gig crucial ssd, mbord: gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R with 16gig of mem

**YunoHost version:
yunohost-bullseye-11.0.9-amd64-stable run from usb that was made using balenaEtcher-Portable-1.18.11
HDD was formatted using gparted-live-1.5.0-6-amd64

I have access to my server as admin

web interface from machines in my household

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ?

Description of my issue

What I hope to achieve? Full reinstall

Background: It appears after fixing my outdated key issue I now have multiple debian installs. I can no longer ssh into my server. The user interface says it cant connect anymore. When I check for updates it gives error 500

see screenshots

The server doesn’t have anything on it as I’ve just finished building it

What are the steps to do a full reinstall?
I need to request a domain reset on ?
I can use the same passwords for computer and domaine?

best regarfds,


hi !

have you tried a ssh connexion using the IP (so not the domain name)?

if you manage to get connected using ssh, can you try the following commands?

sudo wget -q -O - | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/grafana.gpg >/dev/null
echo "deb [signed-by=/etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/grafana.gpg] deb stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/grafana.list
sudo apt update

1st: try what @OniriCorpe suggests (IP access) and “ignore” any potential certificate warning (if you are sure you are connecting to your machine).

optionally, 2nd: you can try the script @Aleks suggest here Reset Yunohost after failed postinstall? to clean and run postinstall

read what the script does before run it

Hi everyone,

Thank you everyone who offered suggestions. I have not had any success so I’m trying again.


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