[SnappyMail] Lightweight webmail


SnappyMail for YunoHost


Simple, modern, lightweight & fast web-based email client. The drastically upgraded & secured fork of RainLoop Webmail Community edition.

Shipped version: 2.16.1~ynh1

Demo: https://snappymail.eu/demo/

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ok, upgraded to testing version, infinite loop is gone.

(for info , the command line :
sudo yunohost app upgrade snappymail -u GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/snappymail_ynh at testing


Yep, the infinite loop is gone. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thx for giving an alternative to Rainloop :slight_smile:
But sadly, I’ve not found the Sieve filter menu. May be soon ?

Thx in advance !

Yes I miss the filtering to.


Hello everyone,

To have the filters you have to configure SIEVE in Domains in the Administration Panel as application administration

Translated with www.deepl.com


Hey, don’t see any SIEVE administration panel.
Where do you find it ? In yunohost user panel ? In snappymail user panel ?
Yunohost admin panel ? (not useful for users… when they are not ‘admin’)


The SIEVE configuration is in the SnappyMail admin panel which you can find at

Just add or edit a domain and allow sieve scripts. This will add a Filters tab to the user panel of SnappyMail.

This is how it looks in English:

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It looks like interesting !
Now I’ve to find how to log in as ‘admin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: with TOTP. My Yunohost admin user account doesn’t work.

Thx all :slight_smile:

Hi @mib does this port have to be open on our router or is this an internal port?


no I did not open this port in the configuration of the firewall of yunohost and my router

Great. Thanks for the reply


do you know how i can get OTPT code ?
i am admin.


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I think you need to open/redirect if you need to use it from the outside of your LAN :wink:

Did you find it out in the meantime?

In case you never used the SnappyMail admin account so far, the “Disclaimers / important information” on GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/snappymail_ynh: SnappyMail package for YunoHost may be helpful. You can leave the TOTP field empty as long as 2FA isn’t enabled.

Thx about ‘admin’ account, it’s ok :slight_smile:

It can be cool to connect to Nextcloud Contacts :wink:

thanks !

Thanks @ericg for this Rainloop alternative.

I’m confused with the contacts menu. I used to work with an CardDAV address book (Nextcloud contacts app) with Rainloop.

I can’t find this menu with Snappy Mail. In the admin panel there is a Contact menu. The storage parameters do not work out of the box. host=;port=3306;dbname=snappymail with root

  1. Do I need this to be configured to access CardDAV contacts ?
  2. How I’m supposed to configure the database ?

We are using sqlite as a database for Snappymail. There is a branch installing mysql but the configuration file as to be done manually…

The branch I’m using is packaged by Yunohost. I did not set any database configuration manually for SnappyMail. So I don’t understand which user and password I’m supposed to use for the snappy mail database.