Jessie Yunohost 2.4

I thought this was the best place to post this - don’t flame me if I got it wrong, I’m new to YUNH…

Is there a yunohost 2.4 jessie image somewhere I could use please?
I could not find such a link on the release page & live images are 2.2 & wheezy
Thanks a lot in advance

You can try that.

Depends on which platform you want to run your Yunohost server. If it’s a Raspberry then there is this all updated image here : Universal Raspberry Pi image

If it’s a virtual box image you are looking for yeah I’m afraid they haven’t been updated in quite a while.

But we can help you to install Yunohost, starting with a Debian basis :wink:

well, thanks Lapineige
please have a look here; I did not manage to install it on my BunsenLabs (Jessie 8.6 distro) with the script, which is why I am asking for the image.
I do not have a raspberry but plan to run if off Jessie

There is no Debian Jessie image for 2.4 on the official website ? (this page

Hi Lapineige
No there is no jessie with 2.4 on the official website:

[quote]These images are based on Debian Wheezy. Wheezy won’t be maintained with YunoHost 2.4.
It is strongly recommended to install YunoHost on Debian Jessie with the install script.[/quote]