Images upload with XMPP / Metronome

I tested the yunohost xmpp metronome server… i can send messages (great !!!) but no images or file attachments.

Is a extra configuration of the server needed?

you can try this, it worked for me

So you are saying this configuration has to be added?

–Component “upload.{{ main_domain }}” “http_upload”

– name = “{{ main_domain }} Sharing Service”

– http_file_size_limit = 6 1024 1024
– http_file_quota = 60 1024 1024

I´m a newbie – can you tell me how I can add this command by ssh ?


A new version of metronome was release, which might fix the issue if I understand correctly.

So maybe a simple apt update && apt dist-upgrade would fix the issue.

nano /etc/metronome/metronome.cfg.lua

STEP1 uncomment to get this

https_ports = { 5291 }
https_interfaces = { “”, “::1” }

STEP2 comment to get this
—Set up a HTTP Upload service
–Component “upload.your_domain” “http_upload”
– name = “your_domain Sharing Service”
– http_file_size_limit = 610241024
– http_file_quota = 6010241024


service metronome restart

@mrmars : is it still really needed with the latest metronome version …?

was up to date the 30 december 2018…I’ve missed a few updates except the last one from yesterday that appeared on my system update.

it works :slight_smile:

Thanks Aleks,

Last night I tried the update…

since there was a change in a configuration file – I thought it is ok to overwrite files…

I was asked two times by the server to overwrite files and two times I said “Y” - "yes2 … maybe an mistake… now I cant´t reach the server with my Gajim client: If I try to connect Gajim just says:

“The value ot the „to“ attribute provides by the initiating entry in the stream header does not correspond to a hostname that is hosted by the server.”

What can I do? Thanks for help.

Please run yunohost service regen-conf metronome --force

thanks Akeks

now the server is responding again …

but I can´t send images - same thing as before… any idea?

~# nano /etc/metronome/metronome.cfg.lua
Component "upload.{{ main_domain }}" "http_upload"
        name = "{{ main_domain }} Sharing Service"

        http_file_size_limit = 6*1024*1024
        http_file_quota = 60*1024*1024
--Component "upload.{{ main_domain }}" "http_upload"
--        name = "{{ main_domain }} Sharing Service"
--        http_file_size_limit = 6*1024*1024
--        http_file_quota = 60*1024*1024
~# service metronome restart


Thanks for your help…

it still does not work

have a look at the screenshot

does this look right?

I´m running the server on a Sub.Domain - i set all the records for this Sub.Domain as discriped in the documentation… But do i have to set a CNAME Record for “upload.domain.tlh” as well ? - I just did it - but it has no effect.

Custom WebApp ist installed but I have also a problem to conect by SFTP to my server. Have a look at the logs here:

Could it be that this problem is related to the “no image” issue?

I am trying to get http_upload_external to work but still didn’t get it to work.
Does someone knows the right settings for that. I have a upload.domain.tld conf with the share.php in it that correctly loads when visiting the domain. Added component http_upload_external with secret setted and url.
I don’t know what else to do. Can someone help?

still have not solved the problem – Still can´t receive images when it they are sent form my server.

From Accounts on other servers images CAN be sent to me – so that´s why I think now it has nothing to do with the set records

What else could be the reason

SFTP works now

do you have the host option enabled?
If no here is my config for it in /etc/metronome/metronome.cfg.lua

– HTTP server
Host “"
http_ports = {}
http_ports = { 5290 }
http_interfaces = { "
” }

Host “"
https_ports = {}
https_ports = { 5291 }
https_interfaces = { "
” }

that how it look on my server - OK?

– HTTP server
http_ports = { 5290 }
http_interfaces = { “”, “::1” }

–https_ports = { 5291 }
–https_interfaces = { “”, “::1” }

Try to change
http_interfaces = { “”, “::1” }
http_interfaces = { “*” }
Just to be shure.
And also make shure port 5290 is not blocked


On the Router and on the YunoHost firewall i opened up port 5290 and
5291 but if I make a test e.g. by a site like this

it says the ports are closed or filtered - so the ports ARE blocked

what could be the reason, What can i do?

There is also the firewall settings in the yunohost panel.


And this link to check ports