Discourse package?


Is there anyone working on an integration of Discourse as a native (i.e. without a, say, Docker integration) YunoHost package? I would be very interested in contributing to such work.


I can’t find any discourse package on GitHub.

I couldn’t find any either. The original Discourse source can be found on GitHub here.

The installation requires Ruby, Postgresql and Redis, as explained in the documentation. As such, it only officially supports installation through Docker, as explained:

Why do you only officially support Docker?

Hosting Rails applications is complicated. Even if you already have Postgres, Redis and Ruby installed on your server, you still need to worry about running and monitoring your Sidekiq and Rails processes. Additionally, our Docker install comes bundled with a web-based GUI that makes upgrading to new versions of Discourse as easy as clicking a button.

I am not a big fan of Docker. Could the above mentioned requirements be a big obstacle for a native implementation for YunoHost?


My advice is either package it with docker or don’t package it at all. Ruby, postgesql and redis aren’t supported by yunohost. That’s mean a package would have to install and configure all of it, which is not easy and kind of heavy.

@scith has done some work with dockerapp+yunhost, https://github.com/scith?tab=repositories

A forum like flarum would be way more suited for yunohost IMO.

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I understand the complexity to natively integrate Discourse. I knew the Docker implementation made by @scith but I am not a big fan of Docker for such applications.
I did not know about Flarum and it does look pretty nice at first sight (and in fact pretty similar to Discourse)! Thanks for the input!

For what it’s worth in this topic on Discourse: as you mention Flarum as a great alternative, allow me to mention here @tituspijean who has packaged it recently. I am trying it, and indeed it does look like a great alternative!

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