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Hello, i would like to know if is it possible to disable YunoHost authentication before accessing to Wordpress Admin Panel (wp-admin), and the YunoHost square in the right bottom ?
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je voudrais savoir s’il était possible de désactiver l’authentification de YunoHost avant d’accéder au panneau d’administration de Wordpress (wp-admin), et le carré YunoHost en bas à droite ?
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I have the same problems.
I solved one:

YunoHost square in the right bottom

I edited the file
nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/mydomain.ltd.d/wordpress.conf

I commented the line in the section

$ Include SSOWAT user panel.

$ # include conf.d/yunohost_panel.conf.inc;

But I can’t find a way to login under /wp-admin since the latest Yunhost upgrade.
I’d love a solution too.

For info, I have only one wordpress installed via Yunohost app. I installed other sites with a custom web app and the code directly from Wordpress to have the official code. It takes more time as you need to create a db in phpmy admin.

It might be possible to do it by giving in Webadmin > User > Manage groups and permissions . Here you should have a Wordpress (admin) permission that you probably could give to “Visitors” special group.

For the YNH auth it’s ok, but for the square, if i give the wordpress admin permission for visitors, the square will be hidden ?

Tested, the square still on bottom right

There is the solution for delete all YNH presence on Wordpress install :

  • for wp-admin Yunohost login, in yunohost admin panel, click on the installed wordpress app > permissions and groups > visitor area > add permission “site (admin)”
  • for the square connect in SSH to your server, go to /etc/nginx/conf.d/domain.tld.d and edit wordpress.conf file and add a hashtag (#) before include conf.d/yunohost_panel.conf.inc; in SSOWAT admin panel section. Don’t forget to restart nginx service with sudo service nginx restart

Thanks a lot to you Bertie and ljf :slight_smile:


Thanks @addictif80
I spent a long time looking at the code. I didn’t know if was as simple as permission admin!

Feel free nevertheless and take some time to promote the YunoHost project in another manner (with a visible link to the project somewhere in the Wordpress application), if you decide to remove the YunoHost square from the bottom right.

I believe it is important (not only to use tools but also) to promote and advocate the Free Software philosophy, logic and ethic.


I don’t understand the reason of the presence of the square on Wordpress, even on the public-side view. Is it a bug or a feature? I also noticed that it doesn’t appear on some installs but a look in the console shows that it is called nonetheless.

The square appear for the Wordpress admin only.
When you go to /wp-admin, the YNH LDAP auth is needed, and when you’ve got connected as administrator with your YNH account, the square show the YNH SSO panel on click.

No, I have console errors regarding the square (incorrect MIME type) even when I am not connected.

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