YunoHost switch box in the lower right side blocks apps UI elements


is there any option to remove this ?

You can move the tile by using drag&drop :wink:

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now i have a new problem, where i put this thing …

why things cant be simple ?? why ???

Hm… because exercising your free will can be difficult at times…? :smile:

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I would love to see a option in profile to be able to open apps in new window.

You can throw it out of the window, if its annoying you.

so having a option that simply disable the overlay is a “radical” solution ?

It’s certainly not “radical”, and even a very good idea!
Any contribution to implement that will be very appreciated as always :wink:

As your last message quite looked like a rant from my point of view, I just wanted to bring the thread to a happier mood… :wink:

i know. my “why post” should have included


If its very important,you can remove it by commenting these line in /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/js/ynhpanel.js :

// Create portal link
// var portal = document.createElement('a');
//  portal.setAttribute('id', 'ynh-overlay-switch');
//  portal.setAttribute('href', '/yunohost/sso/'); // portal.setAttribute('class', 'disableAjax');
//  document.body.insertBefore(portal, null);

// Portal link is draggable, for user convenience
//  dragg('ynh-overlay-switch');

Note that it will override itself whenever a YunoHost gets updated and you will have to do all procedure again.


On my side, I commented everything in /etc/nginx/conf.d/
So the js is not even present in the pages.

I’ll see if this is overrided when YunoHost is updated

And another way of doing this there : [Résolu] Enlever logo Yunohost

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You can now remove the overlay with the following command:

yunohost settings set ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled -v False
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