YunoHost switch box in the lower right side blocks apps UI elements


is there any option to remove this ?

You can move the tile by using drag&drop :wink:

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now i have a new problem, where i put this thing …

why things cant be simple ?? why ???

Hm… because exercising your free will can be difficult at times…? :smile:

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I would love to see a option in profile to be able to open apps in new window.

You can throw it out of the window, if its annoying you.

so having a option that simply disable the overlay is a “radical” solution ?

It’s certainly not “radical”, and even a very good idea!
Any contribution to implement that will be very appreciated as always :wink:

As your last message quite looked like a rant from my point of view, I just wanted to bring the thread to a happier mood… :wink:

i know. my “why post” should have included


If its very important,you can remove it by commenting these line in /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/js/ynhpanel.js :

// Create portal link
// var portal = document.createElement('a');
//  portal.setAttribute('id', 'ynh-overlay-switch');
//  portal.setAttribute('href', '/yunohost/sso/'); // portal.setAttribute('class', 'disableAjax');
//  document.body.insertBefore(portal, null);

// Portal link is draggable, for user convenience
//  dragg('ynh-overlay-switch');

Note that it will override itself whenever a YunoHost gets updated and you will have to do all procedure again.


On my side, I commented everything in /etc/nginx/conf.d/
So the js is not even present in the pages.

I’ll see if this is overrided when YunoHost is updated

And another way of doing this there : [RĂ©solu] Enlever logo Yunohost

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You can now remove the overlay with the following command:

yunohost settings set ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled -v False
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I have the same problem. I have my_webapp and on every page of my site I have this logo and a link to the yunohost pannel.

I don’t want all my visitor see all my applications. This is a security vulnerability.
I don’t want my visitors know that I am using yunohost. this is my secret.

I try different things

admin@the:/etc/nginx/conf.d $ sudo mv
admin@the:/etc/nginx/conf.d $ sudo touch

But no effect Shall I reboot the server
I also try 
yunohost settings set ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled -v False

But this link and image is still here

I think that would be nice to put somewhere a parameter to show this or not.  I don't see any value on it. Only advertising that yunohost is installed and it is a nice tool. 

There is a parameter to “show this or not”, this is ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled

The value is that the button is a shortcut to quickly browse between installed apps. Granted that it’s not super-awesome, there are ideas to rework this. But it’s only displayed for logged-in users …

Your visitors will not see all your applications …

This is a silly secret. A malicious person can usually pretty easily guess exactly what bunch of technology you’re using, be it Ubuntu Server vs whatever, Nginx vs. Apache, PHP vs NodeJS, etc… In the case of Yunohost, there are for example redirections when trying to access some pages resulting in 404, or the server reacts differently when trying to access the webadmin.

Maybe if you want help you could create an actual support topic with the requested infos instead of resurrecting 4-years old posts…