YunoHost presents its revamped applications catalog

Dear self-hosters,

We are proud to present you an all new applications catalog for YunoHost! :tada:

Main features:

  • :label: Categorized view inspired by your own server’s webadmin
  • :mag: Searchable list, including apps alternatives
  • :eyes: Application pages with description, screenshot, and some technical details
  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Sortable list in alphabetical, novelty, and popularity order
  • :star: Popularity, we said? Use your forum account to star apps that you like, use, or long for
  • :rocket: Longing for, we said? The catalog now integrates the apps wishlist. You can star them and propose your own!



Many thanks to @Aleks for building this new catalog and his magic with Flask and TailwindCSS frameworks. Also, cheers to @Salamandar for his investigating of Fider that contributed to the brainstorming of wishlist and voting features.


I like it soo much! Thanks and congratz @Aleks for your great work :tada:


Great work ! Thanks a lot !


Congratulations and thank you ! This is so amazing :heart_eyes:


Merci! Thank you!


Thanks, looks great!

FYI, I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error when trying to login and star.

Are you using the same browser session for both the forum and the catalog, or anything that might impede the catalog from fetching the forum information?

Awesome job !
Quick question, the favorite system are used to something ?

Yes, to help us maintainers assess how important apps are to users, and to guide us into which apps we should favor for packaging.


Hey titus, I was indeed. I retried while disconnected: it doesn’t error out immediately now, I get to the login window, but still get the 500 error after.

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Indeed there was a bug for people with no avatar :sweat_smile:

Can you try again now ?

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:sweat_smile: Works now - thanks!

Edited to add: The new applications catalog is great - thanks a lot for all your work!


This new catalog is great indeed! Thank you so much for your work!


Great work!
If I may suggest something worth 2cents: The useful links should open on a new tab rather than using the current tab.


Would have been interesting to see you diagnose that haha. It works now, thanks!

Looks awesome! :heart_eyes: Just a small thing: When I sort by popularity and then star an app, the sorting goes back to alphabetical.

Looks great!

Wahou !!! Top top top, this catalog is very nice, easy to browse, icons and screenshots help a lot to discover and find needed apps. Also the popularity mechanism is a good idea to help figure out which apps are mostly used. I starred all the I use. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I found a small bug :

  1. go to
  2. sort by popularity (url changed to
  3. star an app
  4. you’re browser is redirected to the list sorted alphabeticaly,