YunoHost presents its revamped applications catalog

Great work and great idea! Thank you

For the popularity, is there a way to monitor how many Yunohost instances have installed a specific application? Currently, the popularity relies on a few people taking time to “star” their favourite ones (what I did), but wouldn’t we have better statistics if we automatically collect the number of installations? (or number of downloads)

We could automate it, but then we fall into questions like “is it RGPD compliant”, and we are supposed to be a project that kind of opposes Big tech / Capitalism surveillance and tracking in general, so if such a mechanism is ever created, it should be opt-in, which decreases the interest (though that doesnt mean it wouldnt be useful), but so far it’s yet to be implemented and there are a gazillions number of other topics ongoing


This looks gorgeous! Much easier to use, too. I love that it’s now possible to show favorite apps and see which apps are likely thriving metropolises vs the ghost towns. Being able to add and vote on wished for apps is a great idea for showing potential app maintainers where they could start to make a real impact, too.

Fantastic work all around!

Mark apps with deprecated/obsolete upstreams

I am asking for a feature request here and in this way since issues are closed in the repository, please do tell me if there is a better suited issue tracker for the app catalog.

There are some apps, such as Commento or Firefox profile, whose upstream is not being maintained anymore. I believe that this should most definitely be noted in the catalog, I would even say it should be in the homepage, without needing to click on the app.

You can easily contribute on this by adding antifeatures = [ "deprecated-software" ] to the corresponding apps here :


It looks amazing! Are you planning to bring redesign into the self-hosted YunoHost installs? I think a redesign of the app catalog in the admin panel, as well as the installed applications panel would be nice!