YunoHost (and Internet Cube) surveillance report #4

Gather interesting news and information about YunoHost & Internet Cube projects


  1. Security
  2. Mailing-lists
  3. Applications
  4. RaspberryPi
  5. HyperCube
  6. Miscellaneous news
  7. Past events
  8. Upcoming events



Reboot of YunoHost’s mailing lists \o/
One list is for YunoHost contributors, the other one is application maintainers
Please note that they’re not support lists.


Package manifest

In packages, manifest.json, there is now a service entry to indicate on which services the app depend such as nginx, mysql, etc.
The services’ logs will be displayed on the app’s debug page in the web administration.

Backup and restore scripts

zamentur (@ljf ) added backup and restore scripts for these apps:

  • Dokuwiki
  • Custom Webapp
  • OpenSondage
  • Roundcube
  • Strut
  • Tiny Tiny RSS
  • WordPress
  • Owncloud
  • covoiturage_ynh (test needed)
  • ajaxgoogleapis_ynh (test needed)


Apps updated since last report 2015/11/05

  • kanboard (upgrade) -> official
  • transwhat (add)
  • bolt (add)
  • hubzilla replace redmatrix (upgrade)
  • huginn (add)
  • rainloop (upgrade) -> working
  • ffsync (upgrade) -> working
  • movim (upgrade) -> working
  • jappix_mini (upgrade) -> working
  • gogs (upgrade) -> working
  • my_webapp (upgrade)
  • owncloud (upgrade)
  • openvpn (upgrade)
  • radicale (upgrade)
  • searx (upgrade)
  • wallabag (upgrade)
  • seafiles (upgrade)
  • coquelicot (upgrade) -> notworking
  • ucoin (upgrade) -> in progress

Package checker

@Moul started a Package checker, written in Python, which check missing files, manifest fields, commands in Shell scripts start with sudo and good practices.


Our main RPi image is really outdated, because we lack a dedicated maintainer.
Luckily, @sylvain2 spend some times to create a new one, based on Raspian Jessie. Please try it out, and report bugs


Julien Vaubourg wrote a tool to ease Internet Cube deployment. The goal is to provide user-customized images.
This tool is still in beta, and is intended to be used by local organisations which provide InternetCube to their members.

Miscellaneous news

Past events

Bazar du libre:

  • InternetCube workshop and introduction, with live translation into LSF (French Sign Language).


Upcoming events


  • 30 & 31/01/2016 - Brussels
  • Several contributors will be there.