Poll on Yunoshot App Quality


On this link I created a small poll to evaluate apps quality, feel free
to make comments. There is several criteria, it’s possible to add others.

Sur ce lien, j’ai mis en place un petit sondage pour évaluer la qualité
des apps, n’hésitez pas à faire des commentaires. SI vous avez d’autres
idées de critères c’est possible d’en ajouter.


Don’t forget to register your app, in the community list:


Good idea. But is a poll needed as the criteria are very objective?
Perhaps we could just do a big audit and open issues on the respective github accounts?
Is the purpose of the poll to warn end users or the package developers?

I need to update all my apps to incorporate these best practices. I’ll do that before I code a new one…
Is there a way to run an automated test to check which criteria are present or not in an app?

My goal is :

  • to get an overview of the quality apps;
  • to promote several best pratices;
  • to detect potential official candidate;
  • to give to developers idea to improve their packages;
  • to give to users a better way to evaluate quality app than “working/inprogress/notworking” states.

Currently, there is a tools to check official apps on some point but not all. The tools needs some resource to check install/upgrade/remove scripts. For the moment, this tools is not used on unofficial apps. I don’t know if it is possible.