YunoHost (and Internet Cube) surveillance report #2

Gather interesting news and information about YunoHost & Internet Cube projects

This second episode of “YunoHost surveillance report” is almost fully dedicated to the Brique Camp 15 that happened last week.


  1. Brique Camp 15
  2. Miscellaneous news
  3. Past events
  4. Upcoming events

Brique Camp 15

Some lovely people got together for 10 days in the Vosges mountains (France) to contribute on YunoHost and the, from Sept 25th to oct 04th.
A lot of work has been achieved in various fields.

YunoHost development infrastructure

That means better tools for developpers to work with, and progress to leave the GitHub centralised infrastructure. documentation

Better experience for DIY-ISPs looking to provide Internet Cube to their beloved members.

IPv6 fixes for YunoHost

The future is now !

YunoHost core

The long awaited backup feature is on its way: it will be soon in the testing branch of YunoHost, and then in a stable release.
A lot of work has been achieved around external package configuration, and core package organisation. One could expect to simply apt-get install yunohost some day.

YunoHost web administration

  • Backup interface implementation in the adminjs
  • Debug page for any installed app in web administration
  • Changed the positions of some button in the admin interface to make them more accessible (update/upgrade on front page, firewall and monitoring in tools)

Because not everyone love command-line interface, we need to make YunoHost accessible and usable in a browser. VPN client

VPN client is now more stable and more easy to set up. Good news for self-hosters. images

  • All images have been updated
  • A separated image for LIME2 is available
  • An image with an encrypted filesystem is available, both for LIME and LIME2

YunoHost applications

Note that some of these new features are still in development and require some testing. They are not yet available via YunoHost updates.

For french readers out there, LDN wrote a post with these news:

Miscellaneous news

Past events

  • Brique Camp 2015, obviously

  • Alternatiba in Brussels
    very good feedback, the public was really interested and our 50 flyers went away in 3h (and a radio belgian journalist from radio arabel got one and contacted “la Brique” for an interview)

  • La Fête de l’Humanité

  • Journée du libre (Lille)

Upcoming events

Working pad for #3 :