YunoHost 4.1 release / Sortie de YunoHost 4.1

:uk: English version

We are glad to announce the release of YunoHost 4.1 :partying_face: !

This release includes the following major changes :

  • :lock: Groups and permissions v2.0: In version 3.7, we added a new permission mechanism. This new iteration allows more flexibility in the management of access rights. For example, it allows to easily show/hide/rename tiles in the portal, and (for packagers) add supports for regexes and multiple urls per permissions, and easier transition from the legacy system to the new system. The new system should also allow us to solve some infamous authentication issue such as in Bitwarden.

  • :inbox_tray: Backup download: You can now download a backup directly from the webadmin! No need for FTP client or cryptic scp commands anymore! Backups are now also not compressed by default, because it was identified that the gain is not worth the cost/risks. (Though it’s still possible to manually compress/uncompress them afterwards)

  • :mailbox_with_mail: Support for mail relays: Many admins are unable to configure their mail stack because of ISP restrictions. A possible workaround is to use a mail relays which so far had to be configured manually. We now provide some more official support through YunoHost settings. The corresponding documentation is available here.

  • :rocket: Simplified install process: During installation in a local network, you should be able to access your server using the magic yunohost.local domain. No need to find the local IP address anymore! [Changes ongoing here in the doc, to be merged once we release pre-installed 4.1 images]

  • :bust_in_silhouette: Simplified user creation: During the creation of a new user, the email is now forced to be username@some.domain.tld. This should prevent some confusion where people would enter an external email address during the account creation - or use a different username for the email, later leading to misconfigured email clients.

  • :rocket: And of course miscellaneous small fixes and enhancement for everyday life!

Thanks to all contributors :heart: ! Aleks, anmol, Augustin T., Baptiste W., Bram, Christian W., Colin W., cricriiiiii, cyxae, danielschmalhofer, ekhae, Éric G., E. Courteau, FĂ©lix P., F. Cristoforetti, JosuĂ©, Julien J., KaeruCT, Kayou, Leandro N., ljf, Maniack C, miloskroulik, Omnia89, ppr, QuentĂ­, Quentin D., roukydesbois, Salamandar, SiM, Titoko, tituspijean, yalh76, Yifei D., Xaloc

:gift: Changelog




Other important changes for admins

Apps packaging

Misc technical fixes and improvements

  • [fix] ux: Ignore some unimportant apt warnings (YunoHost/199cc50)
  • [fix] ux, diagnosis: Admin should manually run the first diagnosis (YunoHost-admin/d3b3236)
  • [enh] ux: When searching for an app, also search in app descriptions (YunoHost-admin#317)
  • [enh] diagnosis: report usage of backports repository in apt’s sources.list (#1069)
  • [enh] cli: Display the install path of app in the output of app list (#1120)
  • [enh] cli: Also display app labels when attempting to remove a domain that still has app installed (YunoHost#1124)
  • [enh] cli: Be able to change user password without writing it in clear (YunoHost#1075)
  • [enh] perf: Lazy loading of smtplib to reduce memory footprint a bit (0f2e9ab1)
  • [mod] refactoring, perf: Clean /usr/bin/yunohost, make it easier to use yunohost as a python lib + some performance improvement (YunoHost#922, Moulinette#245)
  • [mod] refactoring: App manifest arguments parsing (YunoHost#1013)
  • [fix] helpers: Detect misformated arguments in getopts (YunoHost#1052)
  • [fix] app: Refactor app download process, make it github-independent (YunoHost#1049)
  • [enh] postinstall: Test at the beginning of postinstall that iptables is working instead of miserably crashing later (YunoHost/f73ae4ee)
  • [fix] services: journalctl -x in fact makes everything bloated, the supposedly additional info it displays does not contains anything relevant
  • [enh] services: Add configuration tests for dnsmasq, fail2ban, slapd (YunoHost/6e69df37)
  • [fix] regenconf: Add redis hook to enforce permissions on /var/log/redis (YunoHost/a1c1057a)
  • [fix] fail2ban: Remove some old fail2ban jails that do not exists anymore (YunoHost/2c6736df)
  • [fix] nginx, postinstall: Get rid of yunohost.local in main domain nginx conf (YunoHost/ba884d5b)
  • [enh] doc: Auto-generate helper doc when a new yunohost tag is pushed (YunoHost#1080)
  • [fix] security, mail: Add “abuse@you_domain.tld” alias to the first user (YunoHost/67e03e6)

:arrow_up: How to upgrade

From the web admin

  • Go to “Update system”
  • Then hit the “Update” button in the “System” section.
  • This may take a few minutes, grab your favorite beverage. You will need to re-log into the webadmin once it’s done.
  • Make sure to force-refresh the browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+R in Firefox)
  • Make sure that everything went well (green check :white_check_mark:) in Tools > Logs

Or from the command line

$ sudo yunohost tools update
$ sudo yunohost tools upgrade --system

:scroll: Other project news

So many things are moving behind the scenes, it’s pretty hard to keep track of it ! But here’s a try to say a few words about the most import highlights.

During these last few months, we’ve been improving the app quality criteria to keep progressively improving the robustness, reliability and consistency of the application ecosystem. In particular we reworked the definitions of our internal “quality levels”.

The awesome app packaging team is doing an epic work : since July there’s a whooping 40 additional good-quality apps available in the catalog - all while continuing to maintain and upgrade hundreds of other applications :sparkles: !

Coming for 4.2, so far we have a rework of the webadmin using VueJS ongoing, and features for user management with CSV import/export (thanks to the support of ApprentiLAB). We’re also finally moving to Python3 (thanks to the support of CodeLutin), paving the way for Debian Bullseye :rocket: !

We’re also trying to fix our donation interface (or find alternatives) for the people desperately trying to give us money :sweat_smile: ! Hopefully we’ll figure out something soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:fr: Version française

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer la sortie de la version 4.1 :partying_face: !

Voici les points clefs de cette version :

  • :lock: Groupes et permissions v2.0: Dans la version 3.7, nous avons ajoutĂ© un nouveau mĂ©canisme de permission. Cette nouvelle itĂ©ration permet une plus grande souplesse dans la gestion des permissions. Par exemple, elle permet de montrer/cacher/renommer les tuiles dans le portail, et (pour les packagers) ajoutes le support des regex, des url multiples, facilite la transition de l’ancien systĂšme au nouveau. Le nouveau systĂšme devrait aussi nous permettre de rĂ©soudre des bugs d’authentification comme par exemple dans Bitwarden.

  • :inbox_tray: TĂ©lĂ©chargement des backups: Vous pouvez maintenant tĂ©lĂ©charger une sauvegarde directement depuis le webadmin ! Plus besoin de client FTP ou de commandes scp cryptiques ! Les sauvegardes sont aussi maintenant non compressĂ©es par dĂ©faut, car il a Ă©tĂ© identifiĂ© que le gain ne vaut pas le coĂ»t/risque. (Bien qu’il soit toujours possible de les compresser/dĂ©compresser manuellement par la suite)

  • :mailbox_with_mail: Prise en charge des relais d’email: De nombreux admins ne peuvent pas configurer leur serveur de courrier en raison des restrictions imposĂ©es par les fournisseurs d’accĂšs Internet. Une solution possible consiste Ă  utiliser un serveur relais qui, jusqu’à prĂ©sent, devait ĂȘtre configurĂ© manuellement. Nous fournissons maintenant un support plus officiel par le biais des paramĂštres de YunoHost. La documentation correspondante est disponible ici.

  • :rocket: Processus d’installation simplifiĂ©: Lors de l’installation dans un rĂ©seau local, vous devriez pouvoir accĂ©der Ă  votre serveur en utilisant le domaine magique yunohost.local. Plus besoin de trouver l’adresse IP locale ! [Changements en cours ici dans la doc, Ă  fusionner une fois que nous aurons publiĂ© les images 4.1 prĂ©-installĂ©es]

  • :bust_in_silhouette: CrĂ©ation des utilisateurs simplifiĂ©e: Lors de la crĂ©ation d’un nouvel utilisateur, l’e-mail est maintenant forcĂ© d’ĂȘtre username@some.domain.tld. Cela devrait Ă©viter une certaine confusion dans le cas oĂč les gens entreraient une adresse Ă©lectronique externe lors de la crĂ©ation du compte - ou utiliseraient un nom d’utilisateur diffĂ©rent pour l’e-mail, ce qui conduirait plus tard Ă  des clients e-mail mal configurĂ©s.

  • :rocket: Et bien sĂ»r de nombreux correctifs et amĂ©liorations pour la vie de tous les jours !

Merci Ă  toutes les contributeurices :heart: ! Aleks, anmol, Augustin T., Baptiste W., Bram, Christian W., Colin W., cricriiiiii, cyxae, danielschmalhofer, ekhae, Éric G., E. Courteau, FĂ©lix P., F. Cristoforetti, JosuĂ©, Julien J., KaeruCT, Kayou, Leandro N., ljf, Maniack C, miloskroulik, Omnia89, ppr, QuentĂ­, Quentin D., roukydesbois, Salamandar, SiM, Titoko, tituspijean, yalh76, Yifei D., Xaloc

:gift: Changelog

(voir la version anglaise)

:arrow_up: Comment mettre Ă  niveau

Depuis la webadmin

  • Aller dans “Mettre Ă  jour le systĂšme”
  • Puis cliquez sur “Mettre Ă  jour” dans la section “SystĂšme”.
  • La mise Ă  jour peut prendre quelques minutes. Il vous faudra ensuite vous re-logger Ă  la webadmin une fois terminĂ©e.
  • Forcez le raffraichissement du cache navigateur (Ctrl+Shift+R in Firefox)
  • Assurez-vous que tout s’est bien passĂ© (petite coche verte :white_check_mark:) dans Outils > Journaux

Ou Ă  partir de la ligne de commande

$ sudo yunohost tools update
$ sudo yunohost tools upgrade --system

:scroll: Autres nouvelles du projet

Il y a tellement de choses qui se passent dans les coulisses du projet qu’il est difficile de tout suivre ! Mais tentons de dire quelques mots sur les sujets les plus important :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Au cours de ces derniers mois, nous avons amĂ©liorĂ© les critĂšres de qualitĂ© des applications pour continuer Ă  amĂ©liorer progressivement la robustesse, la fiabilitĂ© et la cohĂ©rence de l’écosystĂšme. En particulier, nous avons retravaillĂ© les dĂ©finitions de nos “niveaux de qualitĂ©â€ internes.

La formidable Ă©quipe de packaging d’applications fait un travail Ă©normissime : depuis juillet il y a 40 applications supplĂ©mentaires de bonne qualitĂ© disponibles dans le catalogue - tout en continuant le travail de fourmi de maintenance et mise Ă  jour des centaines d’autres applications :sparkles: !

En ce qui concerne la 4.2, un travail de remaniement de la webadmin basé sur VueJS est actuellement en cours. Nous prévoyons aussi de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour gérer les utilisateurs avec des import/export CSV (grùce au soutien de ApprentiLAB). Aussi, nous prévoyons enfin le passage à Python3 (grùce au soutien de CodeLutin), amorçant le passage à Debian Bullseye :rocket: !

Nous essayons Ă©galement de rĂ©parer notre interface de don (ou de trouver des alternatives) pour les personnes qui essaient dĂ©sespĂ©rĂ©ment de nous donner de l’argent :sweat_smile: ! Nous espĂ©rons mettre en place une solution bientĂŽtℱ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Super taf comme toujours. Merci Ă  l’équipe


Un grand et gros merci pour cette nouvelle version.
Excellent travail :+1: :+1:.

cordialement zephir.

You are awesome! Congrats and thank you!

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Merci beaucoup pour cette nouvelle version prometteuse ! Vous ĂȘtes au top !

Je vais pas tarder Ă  faire la maj je pense !! :heart_eyes:

Y’a une cocquille dans le texte en FR :

C’est donc 4.1 :wink:

Si je trouve le temps j’essaierai de passer vous donner un coup de main sur la webadmin en Vue !

Encore bravo et bon courage pour la suite !

Thanks a lot, upgrade went well, but permissions are not working anymore. Tried to load load load and nothing happens. Can’t find anything in the logs, or where shall I look?

In Webadmin > Services, you can try to see if there are errors in logs of yunohost-api services.
From which version have you made the upgrade ?

Thanks! There are no error messages. But for some reasons I can access the permissions page again. Problem solved, it seems :slight_smile: I upgraded from the most recent version

You probably had some “cache” in your browser. The old webadmin 4.0 permission page can’t be use with the new api in 4.1.

For other people experiencing this, just try CTRL + F5 or close your browser and reopen it.

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Good to know, thanks!

Oh, cool. Thanks to all contributors

Hopefully a update is bug fee :wink:

(Ugh I thought we fixed the need to refresh the browser cache but apparently nope (I actually had a minor issue too) 
 Re-added the corresponding tip in the upgrade instructions)

(Small hotfix in, fixing an issue with postfix conf regeneration)


And apparently there’s no CLI option to compress it. Just in case you may want to, you’re free to just don’t

Yet, even if not advertised here, for those who would like to, a setting is available to force the old behavior and compress all your backups

sudo yunohost settings set backup.compress_tar_archives -v true

EDIT: Correction, this setting breaks the backup as soon as you delete a backup

It deletes the tar.gz file but not the symbolic link which break all the backup process afterward

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Upgraded with no issues.

Thank you for your efforts!

Hi there,
Nice update without any trouble !
Thanks a lot for all your work :heart:
(nextcloud, synapse, element, funkwhale, piwigo, roundcube, ttrss)

I already have one server in 4.1 testing.
Now I am going to 4.1 with an other server.
I got this error

Setting up yunohost-admin (4.1.3) ...
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/usr/share/yunohost/admin/ca.crt': File exists
dpkg: error processing package yunohost-admin (--configure):
 installed yunohost-admin package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
Processing triggers for man-db (2.8.5-2) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I run

rm -f /usr/share/yunohost/admin/ca.crt
apt install
systemctl start yunohost-api

And it’s done i have an other server in 4.1 :slight_smile:



Mise Ă  jour sans problĂšme ce jour.

Merci pour tout le travail accompli, le projet avance bien et cela fait plaisir :slight_smile:


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HI team
i have a warning as follow
"It looks like apt (the package manager) is configured to use the backports repository. Unless you really know what you are doing, we strongly discourage from installing packages from backports, because it’s likely to create instabilities or conflicts on your system. "
since i update the release
how can i fix it, im using Debian 10
could you guide me here, what should i modify to make my apt configured not to use backports repo
thanks in advance pascal