YunoHost 3.2 testing / Call for feedback

Hello everyone !

We just released a new testing version for YunoHost. Version 3.2 will include a new major feature in YunHost, as well as significant changes in some parts. Therefore we want to make sure it is stable and get feedback before releasing it !

We would be very interested to get your feedback :heart: i.e. test that the features are working as expected and of course make sure that that we haven’t broken anything :wink: !

What’s new ? :sparkles:

The highlight of this version is a mechanism to log every YunoHost operation that affect the system (e.g. creating a user, installing an app, renewing a certificate…). This shall increase the traceability of what recently happened on the server. And in particular, we hope to significantly make it easier and explicit for people to provide logs after a failed app installation (even if you forgot to add --debug). This feature will be available via yunohost log in the command line interface, or in Tools > Log in the webadmin.

In addition, we fixed an issue in the mail stack in multi-domains setups, where mails sent from domainB would leak the existence of domainA via the Return-Path header. We also added a new helper for apps, ynh_info, so that app scripts can send nice messages telling what is happening while they run (instead of raw technical messages). Finally, we added some Jinja2 support in the core of YunoHost, we should allow us to maintain more complex configuration templates for services.

How to participate to the beta-testing :construction_worker_woman: :construction_worker_man:

:warning: Do not do this on a critical server !

In the command line, you can launch this command to switch to testing :

curl | bash

(if you are familiar with bash scripting, you might want to read what this does before blindly running the command)

After this command, you should see that you are running YunoHost 3.2.0~testing

What to test ? :space_invader: :telescope:

Test a few things that you usually do with YunoHost (such as creating users, managing certificates, installing an app …). In particular, try to trigger an app installation failure (e.g. try to install one of the level 0 apps in :wink:) and check that you are happy with what happens and the messages displayed.

Finally, check with yunohost log and in the webadmin (Tools > Log) that you can browse the recent actions and share the logs.


Hi to all,

Is it possible as before to switch again to stable with typically this kind of command :

curl | bash

It’s assume in this case that i should wait for new stables packages release.


Installed because I never switched back to stable :confused:
but, it seems to work without problem. I had a nice message in cli when an app install failed, giving me the command to get the log on

I had once to reboot the server because of an memory overload since the upgrade, but I couldn’t tell why, and if it was in any way related to the update (i’d say no, since it didn’t occur since…)

I haven’t tried to install anything with the GUI

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Hmm, are you sure of that in your script ?

    sed -i 's@^deb*@& testing@' $FILE

That would not be

    sed -i 's@^deb*@& testing@' $FILE

repo -> forge

Kisumfi has lowered the rental prices of its servers. And to benefit, I have to migrate my old server to a new one.
So if I can help by installing everything under 3.2 …

But when I execute the script nothing happens.

And by the way, I had not seen but my old server is already under 3.2, and I had no problem :slight_smile: and in this server, the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunohost.list contains:
deb stretch stable testing

Ah indeed ! Thanks for finding this out ! I fixed the script


I tested this part

In cli, no problem, I have :

18034 ERROR The operation 'Install 'agendav' application' has failed ! To get help, please share the full log of this operation using the command 'yunohost log display 20180831-173543-app_install-agendav --share'

And yunohost log display 20180831-173543-app_install-agendav --share works.

But in webui, the pacman goes around in circles indefinitely !

But when we close the tab (for example), and that we go in webadmin (Tools > Log), log are there!