Yunohost 2.4 - Owncloud : 504 Gateway Time-out

Hello !

So I just installed Yunohost V2.4 on a Kimsufi server with Debian Jessie (up-to-date), 2GB RAM, Intel Celeron CPU 220 @ 1.20GHz (diagnosis from admin board).

Everything’s working fine except Owncloud. Installation seems all right, but when I try to access it, I ALWAYS get “504 - Gateway Time-out” from nginx.
I tried to reinstall, same problem.
Also tried unofficial app Nextcloud, same problem.

Did a few searches :

  • Tried modifying php-fpm config as indicated here with no success ;
  • Digged into this old post from github, but my version of php5-apcu is up-to-date and commenting the memory-caching config line in owncloud config file didn’t change anything.

Logs :

Although php5-fpm seems to indicate a mysql problem, mysql error logs are empty.

A checkrestart gives me the following :
Found 1 processes using old versions of upgraded files (1 distinct program) (1 distinct packages) These processes do not seem to have an associated init script to restart them: mariadb-server-core-10.0: 8484 /usr/sbin/mysqld

But neither restarting mysql nor rebooting the server itself fixed this.

I hope I provided you enough informations…
Thank you for your help !

P.S. : Congrats to the team ! :slight_smile: I’ve been following this project since a long time before giving it a try. Keep up the good work ! :heart_eyes:
(French version here)

Anyone ? :worried:

Owncloud/Nextcloud is almost mandatory to me (as a replacement for Drive and Dropbox)…

As implied in my previous post, I played around with pm.max_childrenand pm.max_requests in PHP-FPM config file, raising the values, with no change.
Same thing with fastcgi_connect_timeoutparameters in nginx config file for owncloud.

I ran into this post yesterday, but updating my /etc/hosts file didn’t change anything.

I think I tried everything I could find on this issue… :disappointed:

I have the same issue with nextcloud 11 : php5-fpm is slowed down to a point were no sync is possible. I tried the same changes with no effect either.
I am also interested to know if anything can be improved