Workshop paper from 35c3

On 35c3 you held a workshop session that included some documentation on a peace of paper you handed to the participants. Is it possible to get this document? Maybe I like to repeat you session here in germany.


Yes absolutely !

Everything is available in this repo : (probably should change ownership to yunohost)

  • The slides are in (compiled with backslide … that’s based on nodejs but meh i find it way better than revealjs :[ ). The output is still available at for the time being
  • The paper stuff is the … I think we used grip to produce a printable rendering ? But you there are many tools for this. some piece are outdated (such as using the testing version which has now become stable)

The VPS I provided during the workshop where from Scaleway. If you use Scaleway, be careful that you may need to request them to open port 25 on your machines if you want to play with email.

Feel free to come with other questions !




Thanks for the fast answer. :slight_smile: Exactly the documents I was looking for.

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I hijacked the topic because I might need this king of information too for a workshop :smiley:

@Jaxom99 made a similar workshop in French : Atelier pratique Yunohost à Rennes

Is there a place where all these documents can be found? It could be easier for people wanting to promote YunoHost to get some material and not start from scratch

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There are many repo holding source files for slides from various talk given, spread in the yunohost github orga … but I’m really tempted to create a single repo to gather them in one place …

I reckon you should ! so that anyone can PR with their doc, and you can point to it from the doc’website :wink:

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