Why is Yunohost on github and not its own gitlab?

While I’m not a contributor (yet, I’m still trying to learn), is there any thoughts on setting up your own gitlab and getting Yunohost apps off of github?
Some of you may know that I started a couple of podcasts. I’m planning on taking donations to pay for a VPS. Any amount over the cost of the VPS I plan on donating to open source projects. How big of a vps would you need to have Yunohost apps on its own gitlab?
My thoughts is that if I can get enough donations to get a big enough vps I would donate the space not used to Yunohost.
Any thoughts or ideas?

It’s a good point. It’s been discussed a lot. Migration to self-hosted Gitlab (or wherever) is something that should be done but there are simply not enough people around to make it happen. There are some other more important priorities right now involving migrating Yunohost to the new version of Debian which is a really huge piece of work. There will probably never be a “calm” period to do this migration so I am not sure when will be the “best” time to make it happen but it’s on the horizon! That is my understanding of the situation.

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Very cool!
Yeah the new Debian is a pretty important thing. At least they dont have to deal with Wayland. From what I understand they implemented it for the Gnome version.
But how big of a vps would that need to be? Just a rough estimate.

Yes indeed. To give additional details :

  • this is mainly an historical situation, Microsoft bought it “only” one year ago … and there are just way too much stuff to do and it’s not really a “fun” thing to do, nobody yet took care of it

  • you could argue that we shouldn’t have been on Github even before Microsoft bought it, but the fact that many people are on Github overall lowers the cost of entry for newcomers … and this must not be neglected I think :confused: . Having your very own forge means that people have to create a new account just to write an issue or create a pull request / merge request - and they must remember it for later. At least as long as we don’t have an activitypub-federated git forge network or something like that, such that you wouldn’t have to create 1 account per forge you want to contribute on.

  • the cost of maintaining our very own git forge is also to be taken into account. In the past, we were maintaining our own Redmine instance for issue tracking, which was hell for many reasons (technical issues, but also having your issue tracking in one place and pull request in another is not a good idea)

  • and nowadays, unfortunately several stuff in our development process and also in yunohost itself is tightly-coupled to github, both from the technical perspective (github specific APIs, hard-coded references to github) and human perspective (code reviews) so it’s not straightforward to migrate away from it

Ultimately it will happen one day, but not without people investing some significant amount of time in it… The cost in terms of resource and infrastructure is not really the issue here, as in fact what we decided one year ago was to move to Framagit to avoid being “alone on our small island of internet” (c.f. again the necessity to have federated git forges compared to lonely self-hosting)

However following the recent bullshit related to Iranian accounts (e.g. mentionned here) I re-added a bullet point about leaving Github (or at least having a mirror away from it) to the next contributor meeting to discuss it. At least setting up mirrors should be “easily doable” (though we have hundreds of repo to be kept in sync…)


That all makes sense. I was just wondering.
It sounds like a total logistics nightmare to me.
Thank you for the replies.

Fuck me that blocking stuff is rotten to the core!!! Btw, I also mentioned this topic recently in New dashboard to list opened testing PRs for apps. Infrastructure maintenance is an issue alright.

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