New dashboard to list opened testing PRs for apps

Sooo here’s a first version for a new dashboard I wanted to create, to have a quick overview of the ongoing testing PRs for applications :

It’s available under Apps observatory > Testing PRs (didn’t know where else to put it)

As you can see, it shows a lot of opened testing waiting for some love :wink: In addition to being useful for the app team, maybe it could be useful for beginner contributors willing to help with the testings.

Feedback is welcolme !


It’s a nice tool! Thanks for making it.

I am however a little surprised to see that Yunohost core people are introducing another thing that needs to be developed and maintained. Having to develop and maintain all the rest of the stuff is enough as it is :slight_smile:

Is it not making more sense to “dogfood” the packages for this kind of stuff. For example, we could use Gitlab + Gitlab Runner (Level 7/8) for the entire code hosting, code CI runner (Custom executor can run LXC) and this dashboard style interface (project management tools are baked into Gitlab CE) all in the one place.

Then there could be a “Yunohost Apps Board” where we can get the overview that Tartiflette gives but with a lot of features around filtering, tagging, assigning etc. See Not everyone likes “kanban” style interfaces but Yunohost core doesn’t have to write the code or maintain the code to make it work.

And yes, I know it is then a case of maintaining the infrastructure but this is orders of magnitude easier to do.