What to replace ffsync?

As announced in We plan to release YunoHost 11 as stable in the next days, please test it :) (viva!) with the new version of yunohost we will have no more ffsync.
Since I and my users use ffsync very much, any advice to replace it?


The better solution might be to rework the app to run on bullseye. There should be a solution if we use the tokenserver with python3 and the sync-storage server in rust. But we need to work on this…

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Maybe this project could be a replacement solution for ffsync?


i use it everyday, on multiple systems, pro, and personnals, and it works wery well … i think it could be a gread add in yuno !

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As I read, the project would be a good replacement and GitHub - xbrowsersync/api: Server-side REST API that serves requests from xBrowserSync client apps these could be the instructions to build the server side

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