“waiting adoption”

One question: what’s the exact meaning of “waiting adoption”: I supose need new mainteners, but… steel updated… or not?

My understanding is that it is still vaguely maintained and/or got updated in less than 1 year, but still, the current maintainer is likely to stop maintaining the app if nobody takes back the maintainer responsability

Thanks @Aleks

Did somebody know how to “adopt” an “orphaned” app?

Just state e.g. on the repo (there might be an opened issue) that you wanna take care of this app

OK ! Nice… I will choose something not too complex to learn how to maintain a YNH package.

@Aleks Have a nice day


Thanks for your energy ! :stuck_out_tongue: In case you don’t already know about it, there are pieces of documentation regarding app packaging here : https://yunohost.org/#/contributordoc