Visiting FOSDEM '24 (February 3/4, Brussels)?

Hi all,

Will you be visiting FOSDEM this year?

I expect to be there Saturday and Sunday, perhaps arriving on Friday. It would be nice to meet somewhere and enjoy some beverage!


Perhaps best to just choose a time (and place, if already possible) and open a poll, so people can (anonymously) say if they will go there. Then you can use those numbers for a reservation.

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I’ll be there! It would be awesome if we could meet!

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That’s a good idea!

I’m not familiar enough in Brussels to suggest a location outside of FOSDEM, while the venue itself is crowded enough to make it not reliable to meet in a specific room or restaurant (with especially the restaurants in the F-building spread over multiple floors, bars and rooms adding confusion).

Is it maybe handy to use one of the Yunohost-Matrix rooms? Preferably not a high volume support chat, or else the meeting requests will get drowned. That is, I’d swear I’d joined a support room, but I don’t see it in the ‘Rooms and spaces’ under Yunohost :

Any suggestions?

That would be cool, yes.

Perhaps we should create a MUC/room for chit-chat and use that.

That said, I currently see an error saying “Server-to-server connection failed: Connecting failed: closed” for all off MUC on <> XMPP server (works now)

There’s a (not too well known) brasserie near-by with student-friendly prices. I can look it up on the map, if I can find it again.

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Found that brasserie, it’s fancied up a bit since my last meal there, it seems (but nothing drastic price-wise):

There’s also a lot of pubs, bakeries and restaurants around this place:

Ah, I know that one!

I think they could double their surface just by the flood of FOSDEM visitors coming there each year (it used to be one room, now they use a larger room next-door as well).

You are right, the area is full of small restaurants.

I’ve eaten there about a decade ago, so it might not be as unknown as back then :sweat_smile:

After that I’ve always been dragged into the Le Pain Quotidien for a meeting breakfast with that group of people.

I asked for one to be made. Not sure if that’s the best place for it:

Hi! I am so sorry, I lost track of this thread. Feel free to ping me on Matrix! From there, we can plan something directly.

I am sorry I probably won’t be able to attend meetings during daytime because I will be working with FSFE… but I don’t know my timetable yet, so let’s see!


Perhaps we could catch up here?

my contacts are on my website

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Meeting at Bytenight seems a good idea! Enough chances still to miss each other there, or not hear what we are saying, but we’d have some kind of focus :slight_smile:

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I will be by FSFE booth Saturday and Sunday morning, before the start of the conferences. Come and look for Tommi!

We can decide what to do by chatting together.


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I’m travelling to Brussels by car. Throughout Belgium roads are blocked by farmers and their tractors, seemingly from all over Europe.

My intention was to arrive Friday, but as it is I’m deliberating whether to leave Saturday early in the morning or at all. I’m keeping an eye on the news.

I’ll be sure to say hi and ask for Tommi in case I’m there! If not, sure next year or another opportunity :slight_smile: