Create a “chit chat” MUC room at and/or on Matrix

It would be cool if there was an official MUC / group chat room for non-support and no-dev discussions – just (semi-)relevant chit chat.

Ideally such a room would also be bridged at least between Matrix and XMPP. (I know bridging Matrix to IRC is currently undesired)

E.g. a potential use for that was found in this thread when discussing FOSDEM presence and meeting:

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Hello, did you already look for other rooms on All rooms - ? What would be the common interest of the participants if it not for Yunohost support or technical exchanges around Yunohost ? :slight_smile:

A lot of my life is Yunohost, of course, but not everything.

I’m not looking to discuss all my problems with forum members, but seeing many knowledgeable people with different backgrounds (in case of Yunohost more than regular F/OS projects, I think) I might discuss things only tangentially related to Yunohost, such as Free Culture, generic community meetups, or perhaps something banal as IT hardware advice, because you know and trust the forum members here better than any random forum.

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Think of it as a IM equivalent of the “Discuss” category on this forum.

Not support, not development, but still YuNoHost-relevant.