Version to install on a fresh VPS Debian 11

My YunoHost server

New VPS OVH Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Description of my issue

Which version should I begin with?
As of today development state, Is it a good idea to do this first install of YunoHost with
curl | bash -s -- -a -d testing

You indeed have to install YunoHost from its testing branch (it’s basically stable for YunoHost 11, we are only blocked at the generation of the images for the ARM boards).

However, the documented method is this one: Beta-stage testing for Yunohost 11.0/Bullseye and Buster->Bullseye migration. I cannot comment on the flags you added to bash.

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Thank you for your answer.

The flags bash -s -- -a -d testing come from YunoHost 4.2 testing - #13 by Aleks

So, from the page you linked to, on a fresh install, I should just use

$ wget -O install_script
$ bash install_script -d testing

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