Using Yunohost for Web hosting

I have been playing around with Yunohost for a few weeks now and I love it. My topic is about how to use Yunohost as a platform for public hosting.

I have understood that if a user logs into Yunohost they are abke to access all of the apps unless I limit visibility. My next question is how then could I created user specific ssh, limit resources per user.

Docker? or not yet “possible”

Hello, our pathes cross once again.
I am currently developing a similar project in France, which will be ready soon. If you are French too, i suggest we join forces.
Otherwise, i can share my ressources as they are open source

I use Boxbilling as a panel with a module to provision user accounts on yunohost servers. To sell dedicated yunohost servers, I provision VM using Proxmox with Boxbilling.
The modules are not perfect yet but I’ll do an alpha test too, in which all are free to participate.

In the meantime, check my gothub I’ve got a PHP class to interact with yunohost api (create users, set access…).

Do you have a specific project in mind already?

Google translate should help.

And I acactually do have some things I want to do for yunohost. I’m just trying to get up to date via the forums. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I actually want o transform Yunohost into a web hosting panel. Something like a webmin or ISP config. I really want to integrate something like LXD to give users their own machine, possible to counter the unification Yunohost makes.

I just need to know what programs are already in the making for Yunohost integration.

i know this topic has been dead for a while - but as i am searching exactly that when i will switch my webspace next (currenty a “simple” hoster) i’d like to use yunohost.
I don’t want to have a local install -

Has a public hoster (preferably in germany / Europe) offering a preinstalled yunohost or a similar solution appeared in the years since this topic was started?

What are you looking for exactly, a VPS that can run Yunohost ?

Firstly i mean what the thread formerly was about - a yunohost(er) - where you can simply pay to get an already installed yunohost, or maybe something like a 1 click installation.
Where the hoster keeps it updated etc - you just use.

Secondly - as this seems not available - would be a recommendation for a good and affordable webhoster where you can run your own yunohost. Preferably in Europe/Germany.

So, in this case, you’ll need to rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server), which is like a server located in a datacenter and that you rent (usually 3-5€/mont, it depends on the storage you’ll need).

On those VPS, you can usually install any OS you want, including Debian 9.
And… Yunohost can be installed on the top of a Debian 9 (see here), so finding the right VPS should not be an issue (I would recommend you to use OVH, located in France, but I’m sure that are plenty of good / similar options).

The only thing you should consider is that : Because you rent this server, you will still be responsible for keeping the system updated, doing backups on a regular basis (for a couple of € a month, OVH offers you the options to SnapShot your entire system on a regular basis), and so on.
If you’re not so familiar with Linux, it can be a bit challenging and the probability to fail at some point (which means, you’ll have to rebuild your server from the beggining).

The plus of having your Yunohost on a VPS, compared to having it on a machine at home, is that you don’t have to have a machine running in your living room / bed room / place, might have some better performance because of the connexion used by the VPS provider… But the effort regarding system administrating it is more or less the same.

I hope that helps.

Hi @charly,

What setup would you recommend for a proper VPS setup for web hosting?
I thought I figured out a work around for running multiple apps and making one of them the main app for my domain (ie, not

First I created dns records and
When I installed yunohost, I added as the first domain so that yunohost can take over this domain. Then I added the and installed wordpress in the root, I get the usual error that I will not be able to install any other apps in this domain, I figured, if I have to create a new domain per app then so be it.
Wordpress install completed and I logged in and configured my site, yay! it worked!.
But then, when I go to log in to yunohost admin from, it redirects me to
This sucks because I really want to learn and contribute, however I have a site I need to finish on wordpress and host by the end of the year and it seems so far I have to do it on another platform for now as I can’t even get the latest wordpress version on yunohost.

So, if I needed to host multiple apps and make one the main app that you see when you go to (not to be redirected to
What would be your recommendation? Can it even be done yet?


I’m not sure I understand, but did you try this option (in the applications section) >

Redirect domain root to this application (

Did you have a look on the administrator documentation ?

Does YunoHost works fine with the magento website. You see, I am just finished with the development of my magento website. So, now I am looking for the magento cloud hosting to deploy my website and taking it live on the internet. Please guide me if YunoHost provides the managed instance of the server as the likes of Cloudways, wpengine, etc.