Using LDAP to host accounts kinda like Active Directory?


I don’t know alot about LDAp or how it works and I’m just getting into computers and hosting and stuff.

Is it possible to take my ubuntu laptop and Sign it to my yunohost server (much like you can attach a windows pc to an active directory domain)
and then use my yunohost account/s to log into the laptop?

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Ughhh nope, nope nope nope, this is not what YunoHost is designed for …

I get that, but could you use the ldap server to allow you to sign into it? It’d be an all in one solution if I could sync my account to that which would be cool

If that’s your neeeed, you have to understand that you are following a really different path then the one of the Self Hosting.

You would rather have a look on Office / Corporate distributions like Zentyal and it’s community edition.

But… if it can help you, I’ve had made some experiments a year ago with sssd for the authentication and nfs for a /home/user folder on the server in the LAN (not a roaming profile !) and I kept a few rough notes (in french) about it.