Updates from webadmin vs updates from CLI

My YunoHost server

Hardware: same ol lenovo core2duo thinkcentre
YunoHost version: currently stable but bug has been there for a while
I have access to my server : SSH

Description of my issue

Several apps will not update through the webadmin and give either a script error during update, then restore the last version and fail the update (vaultwarden for example), or a plain and simple error 400 I don't understand you before anything. (netdata 1.35.1-ynh1 to 1.36.1-ynh1 for example). Flarum on the other hand is stuck in 1.1.1-ynh2 in the webadmin when it is really in 1.4. This one is a bit particular : update process is heavy because of extensions and requires a lot of manual intervention, so CLI updates are mandatory.

For vaultwarden mentioned above and some other that i don’t recall, i managed to finally update them from CLI (but webadmin still did not see them as updated) and then update them from the webadmin without error… So it worked out, but some

Questions are : why are some apps not seen as their current versions and how to make the webadmin see the truth ?

This can happen for apps which have their own “self-upgrade” mechanism, such as Wordpress … I don’t know much about Flarum but maybe it also has its own self-upgrade mechanism (eg not going through Yunohost) ?

Similar situation can happen when the app is in fact a debian package (eg transmission maybe, … and others …)

There’s simply no way currently for Yunohost to understand what is the actual version installed beside heavily tweaking the code and stuff … But this doesn’t really matter that much (though it’s definitely confusing if you don’t understand why that is …)

Or one solution is to “never upgrade outside what Yunohost provides” …

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