Trying to install wordpress on root domain


It says when I try to install wordpress on / it dosent allow it.
I have seen threads that say cant make the login page on another page is this true?
I would love to get around this. could I install the login page on a subdomain instead?

Hi, can you explain more clearly the message you have ?

There are 2 cases where you don’t allow to install on root.
Either you have already an app installed on this domain, and you can’t install an app on root if you have one or more apps on this domain.
Either you try to install wordpress with multisite option, and you can’t do that on root.

I did yes so that must have been the problem.
If I purchase another domain can I install wordpress on that root domain too? SO I can have multisite but not on the same domain?

So, to be more clear. If I understand well, you want to use the multisite option of wordpress ?
But, to use this option, you have to install on a subpath. You can’t use the multisite option with a root install. (Cause that implies somes issues with another subdomains)

So, you have to install on a subpath to use this option. But, you can keep your wordpress in front of your domain with the ‘Set default’ option from YunoHost.

thank you thats what I did and it worked perfectly…
My next question is:
I have my current wordpress install on let’s say can I install another website on is that possible?

You can install how much wordpress you want. There is no limitation about that, just, one app on root for each domain.
But, on a subpath, there is no limitation, and even on another subdomain.

should I be able to install wordpress without multi-site on the root server (/)
because I get this error…

wordpress install's script has encountered an error. Installation was cancelled.
Unable to install the app in this location

I am very confused. Thanks for your help I appreciate it…

You can do it only if you don’t have any other app on this domain.
Remember, if you want to install an app on root, there is only this app on this domain. Nothing else.

Thank you all is working here apart from when I now go on my homepage.
My last install of wordpress was in
Now that wordpress is installed on it redirects to /ideaa (which does not exist)
What config file is doing this?

Hum…, I guess you should check the file /etc/ssowat/conf.json
But, it’s really strange…

Hum, ok, I just tried it, and me too I fall on a “Page not found” on
Are you sure, you’ve not adding anything in /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent ?

I went to

and there was a redirect from to I deleted and saved it but now on every yunohost domain I get

500 Internal Server Error

Thank you for your help

And I suppose you don’t had added anything in this file ?
In this case, this entry was provided by yunohost when you have put your wordpress by default.
So, can you restore this line and explain me exactly how many wordpress you have installed and where.

is there a way of restoring the file I simply deleted it.
My bad
I installed wordpress yesterday at that location but i have since uninstalled it there and now it is just intalled at

Ok, so it’s quite strange that line was stay here after you had remove the app !

You have deleted the whole file !?

no I just deleted it and saved the blank file :wink: not really a good idea …

No, not really a good idea ! :grin:

The default file is like that

    "redirected_urls": {}

thank you so much!!! it is working now :slight_smile:
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
if I can help with documentation ( i can understand french perfectly and am fluent in english) i would love too!

Of course you can :heart_eyes:
I know you can understand french, you say in your profile that you are a “Français en Irlande”
(And you still force me to speak in english, you’re so heartless ! :sob:)

I think you can simply try to get a look at the git repository, here or ask to @moul how you can contribute to the documentation. He’s more advised than me about that.

Je suis francais mais j’ai jamais vecu en France.
Donc mon francais ecrit est terrible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
merci bien et je vais demmander a @Moul

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