Swap backup with others YunoHost users!

The idea

If you are searching for a place where backup your data, get some small remote monitoring service, host an secondary smtp, you can setup/buy another YunoHost OR you can search for other persons with the same needs than you and swap some disk space.

That’s the goal of this category.


Make a request

To help you to make a good request here is a small example of how you could write your topic:

I search :
URL : production.ynh.fr (will be used for alert email)
Apps needed : borgserver_ynh
Quota needed : 200GB (you need to evaluate correctly how many you need)
Location preferences if any : France
Frequencies : each night at 00:00 PM (UTC+2)
Comments : specific conditions, url of your instances …

Make an offer

I offer:
URL + Port : backup.ynh.fr:2225
Apps : borgserver_ynh
Quota : until 200GB (you need to evaluate correctly how many you can provide safely)
Location : France
Frequencies restriction if any : only during french night
Comments : specific condition, …

Answer a request

If you have enough space and bandwith, you can answer by giving your domain name and your port to your instances.

With the URL and port the person will be able to setup borg_ynh, and next give you ssh_user + public_key

After what you can setup the borgserver_ynh on your instances with:

SSH_USER : the ssh_user key given
PUBLIC_KEY: the public key given
QUOTA: the quota you offer
ALERT_DELAY: calculate it from frequencies

When it’s done indicate it on the topic of the request (with solution checkbox).

Cancel an offer / a request

Just close the topic (and edit info if you are spammed)