Roadmap for Yunohost

If any, where could I find the Yunohost project roadmap? Is there a timeline for future releases and what they might include?

Hi @Milhouse,
I’m not sure anything is written down, however you can get the current way of doing things of the project by looking at

AFAIK, no timeline is published because all work is still voluntary :frowning: Coders only have so much time to spare…

It’s indeed not really written anywhere because likely to evolve but basically :

3.7.x : the major feature is a new (or rework of the) permission system + handling of user groups. You can get an overview in the testing changelog. It’s currently in testing since a while because it’s pretty touchy and we have some nasty edgecases which are not straightfoward to test/fix.

3.8.x : Modulo a few small details, it’s basically already complete and will contain a new diagnosis system to help setting up your server (e.g. DNS records, port forwarding, and various other things) + a classification of apps by categories. Maybe other things, but I don’t have the full changelog in mind (+ maybe some other stuff will be merged by then).

4.0.x : It will be the support for Buster which is still in development / early alpha stage but coming together. With this, we’ll ship a migration procedure to people running 3.8 / Stretch to upgrade as smoothly as possible to 4.0 / Buster

4.1.x : ???


Thank you.

  1. Are there estimated release dates for each version?
  2. In which version can we expect Borg to be included in the Yunohost core?

Has anyone any idea on this?

Could be 4.1

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