[Resolu]Sauvegarde Nextcloud


Dans le manuel de Yunohost il xiste une commande pour sauvegarder Nextcloud ainsi que ses données.
yunohost app setting nextcloud backup_core_only -v 0
Seulement quand je la tape elle ne renvoie rien. Il y a quand même un petit temps de latence de 2s.
Ensuite quand je fais un backup create, Yunohost me remonte qu’il sauvegarde en core_only.
Comment puis je vérifier que la sauvegarde de Nextcloud avec ses données se fait correctement ?

yunohost backup create

Warning: ls: cannot access ‘/etc/cron.d/yunohost*’: No such file or directory
Warning: Data dir will not be saved, because backup_core_only is set.

Merci d’avance à tous pour vos réponses

Cette information est effectivement incorrecte. Une PR viens d’être mergée à ce sujet : backup_core_only option for nextcloud by GohuHQ · Pull Request #897 · YunoHost/doc · GitHub

Il faut utiliser yunohost app setting nextcloud backup_core_only -v '' (note les deux single-quotes à la fin (il s’agit de deux ’ et non pas d’un seul ")). Le fait que la commande ne renvoie rien est “normal” :wink:

Super merci,

Je suis en train de faire un backup pour voir mais je n’ai plus le message.
Est ce que tu saurais me dire où je peux trouver la doc me renseignant sur le contenu sauvegardé avec l’option core-only?


Hi @Aleks, there’s something i don’t get : i see you merged successfully but it seems to me that it’s still the old version here : https://yunohost.org/#/backup_fr

Do i miss something ? (sorry for maybe noob question but the change in this MR is in my opinion an important piece of information).

Uuuh not sure to see what you mean … I do see a new version on the page you meantion … the old pull request was still about using “yunohost app setting” but since then the paragraph evolved and now mentions the use of BACKUP_CORE_ONLY var …?

argh my bad, i misread and believed it was the other way : that yunohost app setting was the new logic (i arrived directly on this forum post and that must have mistaken me).

Sorry for making you lose your time :man_facepalming:

And thanks to the documentation i have what i was looking for :

  • By default a backup includes all the data (and it’s possible to backup the core only using BACKUP_CORE_ONLY=1 , but only by using the command line)
  • During apps updates that’s mostly core_only

However i have two questions :

  • Is there a way, looking at a backup (using webadmin or reading the json file associated to a backup) to know if it was done with or without core-only ?
  • Is it possible to “force” backup with data during an update ?


No, i’don’t think it’s possible to force during update.
You can see if data are in archive by looking the weight of the backup. More than 1go with data. Under 1go with backup core only.
I don’t see other way.

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