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I am currently in my final year in bachelor degree in computer programming at Sup’La Mache. We were instructed to contact Yunohost’s community in order to to help you with the development of an non-working application.
After some research, we did not find any project we can help you on. So do you have any to suggest?

Thank you,

Pierrick Blondeau


Actuellement en L3 au sein de l’école Sup’La Mache pour une formation informatique, nous avons eu pour consigne, mon groupe et moi, de venir en aide à la communauté Yunohost et à la conception d’une application non fonctionnelle.
Après recherche, nous n’avons toujours pas trouvé de projet auquel apporter notre aide. Auriez-vous des projets sur lesquelles nous pourrions vous proposer notre aide.

En vous remerciant,

Pierrick Blondeau

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Bonjour et bienvenue :slight_smile: Super projet
Dans la liste d’Apps :
Il faut sélectionner “in progress/not working” dans le menu déroulant
S’afficheront ensuite toutes les apps qui ne sont pas encore au top niveau, ou qui ne fonctionnent carrément pas.

Pour se familiariser avec le développement d’apps :
Le forum de contribution :

Bonne continuation :slight_smile:

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Is that the school in Lyon, near Montplaisir ?

Merci à vous,

Nous avons déjà regarder de cette manière les différents projets “in progress/not working” dans la liste des applications mais nous n’avons eu aucun retour à savoir si les personnes derrière les projets était intéressé par notre aide.


Yes, Sup’La Mache near MonPlaisir in Lyon.
We contacted your team on your website for TeamPass but we didn’t get your answer.

I’m not part of Teampass team, I’m just the one who try to package this app for YunoHost.
But Teampass is buggy on its own…

I’m also in Lyon, so, if you need, I can give you some help IRL.

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Please, excuse me for answering late.

Thanks for offering your help.
Our work instructions changed a little bit: in addition to helping to debug the app, we must learn more about the community’s working history with Yunohost.
Could we meet in order to talk about it?
Maybe we could also help you with Teampass?

Thank you for your time.

(Happy new year)

Yes, we can meet to talk about YunoHost and how to find a way for you to contribute to the project in order to fulfill your classwork.
I’ll be quite busy from 5 this afternoon to Wednesday next week. But, I’ll have a window on Monday after 5.
If it can fit your availability, please contact me by private message here.

As said, Teampass is buggy on its own. That’s not a problem with its YunoHost integration, but Teampass itself which has bugs.
And each time the main dev fix a bug, 2 others pop from nowhere… From my point of view, the dev of Teampass is trying to do things to quickly. And prefer new features to a solid and trustworthy code. I’ve been waiting for a few years for a good version of this app, I guess I’ll be waiting for a couple more years…

I don’t know if it helps, but something that was once working, and not anymore is the VPN server.

I have absolutely no idea on who to contact to get info about this, but it is the app that I miss the most :slight_smile:


OpenVPN is indeed an app that many people are asking for. And also currently an unmaintained and not working app.

But even if it would be a great contribution to YunoHost to have this app back, it’s also probably one of the most difficult app to repair.
I never tried myself though, but I heard a lot about it.

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