Problems with setting up Borg backups with cloud storage provider (Hetzner)

Hello dear Yunohost community! I have been hosting with Yunohost for while already and have been super happy with it.

I’m currently trying to set up a backup with Borg to Hetzner Storagebox. User @Wh1sper was asking questions about the same thing in the forum earlier (Borg Backup App usage) and I believe he succeed. The topic is closed now and I can’t even send pm to Wh1sper about it for some reason, so I had to make a new topic.

So far I have done the following:

  • I have added SSH-keys from Yunohost Borg app config (GUI) to be trusted in my Storagebox (added it to .ssh/authorized_keys).
  • I have created couple of repos into my Storagebox
  • Tried to set up existing repo url in the settings panel like this: ssh:// Result was permission denied.
  • Tried to use format similar with the help box (ssh://u123456@ and got the following error

passphrase supplied in BORG_PASSPHRASE, by BORG_PASSCOMMAND or via BORG_PASSPHRASE_FD is incorrect.
I haven’t created repo with name “backup” to the Storagebox, so I think there should be no existing passphrase.

So how I’m supposed to set this up? Thanks for the help already, I would greatly appreciate if you could help me through this.

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