Pleroma configuration

Hello :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where Yunohost Pleroma’s config files are kept?

I know there is a default file in /etc/pleroma/config.exs (mentioned here) but I believe this is the one Pleroma refers to when ‘resetting to defaults’, rather than the live config file that you can edit.

I have made changes through the Admin FE interface (log in to Pleroma as admin and it’s the dial icon in the top right), and when I save it, the changes persist and feed through to my instance. Then, when I check /etc/pleroma/config.exs I see nothing has changed there. This suggests that Admin FE is a graphical interface for another config file somewhere in the background, separate from the one in /etc/pleroma/, that can be modified.

Is this right, and does anyone know where this is kept in the file system? There is no config file in my /home/ folder.

Also, is there a way I can customise my instance as if it’s a website (e.g. modifying css style sheets, etc.) so that I can modify things that are beyond simply changing the background image or my avatar?

For example, see the example status text (“I did the thing”) and the button label (“PULL THE TRIGGER”) in this screenshot from cyuucat.neocities .org showing — I presume this shows a from-source installation.
The defaults are “Just landed in L.A.” and “Post”.

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