Piwigo ldap error after plugin update (solved)

My system is up to date, In piwigo admin I saw that there was un udpdate for the ldap extention that I did

Mon système est à jour ainsi que les applis mais j’ai demandé la maj de l’extension ldap depuis piwigo et j’ai ce message d’erreur:

Then logging on piwigo I get this message

Warning : [mysql error 1146] Table ‘piwigo.piwigo_ldap_login_config’ doesn’t exist select 1 from piwigo_ldap_login_config LIMIT 1 in /var/www/piwigo/include/dblayer/functions_mysqli.inc.php on line 856

And I cannot get access to the user admin in piwigo

I found a solution : restaure the plugin in the plugin administration page and everything seems OK

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