Pi-hole - Network-wide ad blocking



You have surely not enable the Community list ? Can you upgrade it in Command line through a terminal ?
sudo yunohost app upgrade pihole -u https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/pihole_ynh

(I think it’s this command)


PS: It’s not an official App.


Hello yes

thank u ça marche

a pars que j’ai pas le numéro de version en bas ?


Oui, “normal”. https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/pihole_ynh/blob/master/scripts/install#L305
Le cron ne fonctionne pas car il va tenter d’utiliser git, mais l’app n’est pas installé à partir de git. Cela nous obligerais à travailler à partir de master.


fantastic, this is great news! i had pi-hole installed on my raspberry… unfortunately my wife wanted to see some ads or wanted the ad links to work… therefore i had to stop pi-hole in our network.

i hope, it will be possible to exclude certain hosts in the future…


Hi schweineoede

What do you mean by “exclude certain hosts” ?

There’s a white list if you want to unblock some ads domains.
And if you want to use pi-hole only for some of your computers, you can simply use the dns parameters of each machine. Depending also of how you’re using Pi-Hole through your network.


thanks for your answer. i want to exclude one laptop from pi-hole filtering in our network at home. for now i edited the dns settings only in the fritzbox. so you mean i can leave the dns in the fritzbox on default and change the dns on each mashine… but does this work for smartphones and tv? are there dns settings?


If you want to exclude only one laptop from Pi-Hole, the better way is to change the DNS of this laptop only and keep PiHole as the dns in your fritzbox.

All your devices will get their dns from the DHCP, so from your box. And you can set another DNS on the laptop to not use PiHole for this device.

Indeed, smartphones and TV can’t change their DNS, unless they’re rooted.


I would like to know if it is a good idea to install pi-hole on an Internet Cube. I’m scared it breaks things (vpn-client ?).
Has anyone tried ?