YunoHost and Pi-Hole

Software: YunoHost (stable)
Harware: Raspi 3B+

Hi everbody,

I like to run YunoHost (only local Network) and Pi-Hole on 1 Raspi. On 2 Raspis I got no problems, but I don’t want to run 2 Raspis all the time. The limitation of the integrated Pi-Hole is 3.3.1 (the latest is 4.3.1) because of dnsmasq. Is there a chance to run both on 1 Raspi? Maybe intalling Pi-Hole outside of YunoHost?

Thanks a lot for answering!

Hmmmm so do you know about the pihole app ?

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Yes, I seen it and it is limited to Version 3.3.1 because of dnsmasq. I don’t know much about dnsmasq, but I don’t want to use the old Pi-Hole Version. Maybe it is possible to install Pi-Hole 4.3.1 and than YunoHost? As I told before, I will use YunoHost only in my local Network.

Pi-Hole team has decided to ship their own version of dnsmasq.
YunoHost uses dnsmasq as well, but the standard version. We can’t use another version only when Pi-Hole is installed without being sure it won’t interfere with YunoHost.

That’s the reason why the packaged version of Pi-Hole for YunoHost is old. However, this old version works very well, I’m using it myself everyday.

If you really want a newer version of Pi-Hole, you can try liberodark’s branch,, which uses the version 4.0 of Pi-Hole.
But I have no idea if this version works or not…

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