Photoprism as Google Photos Replacement - My Experience

Anybody else heard of, or using Photoprism? GitHub - photoprism/photoprism: Photos App powered by Go and Google TensorFlow 🌈

Since Google is starting to charge for storage starting in June, I installed it on my Yunohost server to check it out.

If interested in my setup, click below.

If you guys don’t use Photoprism, do you use any other self-hosted photo program?


A very nice post, I didn’t know Photoprism at all, I’ll take a look at it on my side.
For self-hosted photo programs, I use Piwigo, it’s clearly not as advanced as Photoprism, even if the web interface and themes looks old, it’s more than enough for my general use. Whether it’s to store my photos and images, or to share, it works very well and requires few resources

Are you interested on packaging it for Yunohost ? I think many people would be grateful :innocent:


Sadly, I don’t know the first thing about packaging things. It is also run through Docker, so I don’t think it would be very worthwhile to ‘package’ this.

To get the snazzy tile in the Yunohost online part, I think I just need to install this:

What I will do, is write a setup guide for dummies like me using Yunohost. I just about finished setting up mine the way I like it.


Yeaaah thank you !! :smiley:

Here is a setup guide for Yunohost

I still can’t get it to properly redirect with NGINX. I am terrible at NGINX. Maybe somebody else can help me figure that out.

But if you follow my guide you’ll be having it working locally.


Thanks for the tutorial! Based on my experience with Photoprism and YunoHost on a small VPS:

  1. Open Ports in your Router/Firewall
    sudo yunohost firewall allow Both 2342
    Router, do it like you did before for Yunohost.
    NOTE: Is this necessary? Not sure.

It is indeed not necessary, and actually dangerous since people could go to yourdomain.tld:2342 and bypass the SSO.

ERROR: I can access domain.tld/photos but just shows a massive Photoprism logo.

My guess is that PhotoPrism expects to be installed at the root of a domain, so if you install the Redirect app on photo.domain.tld, path /, it will work. I have just tested that on my server.

Maybe you could have it working by setting domain.tld and path /photo for the Redirect app while having set PHOTOPRISM_SITE_URL: "https://domain.tld/photo" in the docker-compose.yml. I will leave it to you to test it. :wink:


Got it! Will update my tutorial. Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing!
I also use piwigo, but photoprism seems very interesting!

2 questions:


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  1. AVC1 is a codec for mp4s. It uses ffmpeg internally to transcode movies to mp4 with AVC1 codec. The only problem I’ve had with videos are my MJPEG videos from about 2017 made with my old Canon powershot.

  2. There is no app yet, but it works just great in a web browser though.

Thanks for your repy, I should test it!

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Updated tutorial:

Remove Floating Yunohost Button
The floating navigation button is very intrusive when using Photoprism on mobile. It gets in the way, so the best thing is to disable it.

sudo nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/photos.domain.tld/redirect.conf

Comment out these lines:

#Include SSOWAT user panel.
#include conf.d/;
#moreclearinput_headers ‘Accept-Encoding’;

Hey arkadi,
any long time experience? I would like to take a look at your guide but it is not available anymore… Would it bother you to bring it online again?

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Sorry. I recently switched my blog to Hugo. I updated the links above.

Photoprism is working splendidly for me. We have facial recognition now!

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The links are still not working, would love to read your blog :grin:.

link up! any questions, let me know.

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This question is more related to docker.

I can’t install docker by simply doing sudo apt install docker-compose. Reading through docker docs it seems I have to first install Docker engine and continue with the repo installation.

Any advice on this?
I don’t want to just simply install docker on a VPS with Yunohost installed. I’m too new to this and I’m unsure of what could break.

On the other hand, I’m very keen on installing docker as I’d like to install another app, paperless-ng and your tutorial, @arkadi for Photoprism is really good to try and replicate for paperless-ng.


Docker won’t break Yunohost, don’t worry. Docker is quite self-contained. If it does mess something up, reboot, and uninstall docker.

As many docker services will caution, make sure you don’t set your docker apps to ‘autorestart’ until you’ve tested it works.

I’m really interested in PhotoPrism mainly for it’s ability to automatically recognize people. Most of my photos are on my Yunohost Nextcloud install, which is accessible via webdav. I see that Photoprism can access webdav mounts. Do you know if it’s possible for Photoprism to just tag images in a way that Nextcloud can read? I’d love for my family to just be able to click on the “Kids” tag in Nextcloud and have it automatically show all of the photos of my kids…