Photoprism as Google Photos Replacement - My Experience

Don’t think that’s possible right now.

It’s not on their roadmap.

Yeah, after doing some research it looks like it isn’t possible…right now… however there does seem to be work in Photoprism to get tags written to IPTC/Exif metadata, and there does seem to be movement on the Nextcloud side to have the ability to read Exif data embedded in images.

Now I just need the two sides to finish their EXIF integration, and something beautiful can be born! :heartpulse:

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Hi to you all! This thread is insightful and inspiring, yet I am still struggling to make things work properly. I am so bad at server maintenance and all of this stuff that I would be setting up YunoHost on a new server just to install PhotoPrism… @tituspijean do you think a PhotoPrism package will be created soon or I should not expect this too much? I would be so so so happy to have it and I think it would become very popular: many people are going to use it, considered the great success PhotoPrism is having.

Furthermore, I cannot figure out which is the best solution for me… I have ~1TB of pictures to import (I want a long term solution, so consider ~2TB) and I do not know wether the best solution is to buy a Raspberry Pi with an attached HDD, or if an online VPS is more reliable. Nevertheless, if VPS are more reliable and require (relatively) less efforts, self-hosting at home is much more unstable, unsure and it requires more time for setup and mainteinance.

I would love to find a solution that is not too heavy on my pockets, still allowing me to set it up once and “forget” about it. Do you think I can achieve this?

Thanks very much you all!

What’s the problem?

I think it won’t. You only need to load it through docker. It’s pretty easy to do.

Depends what you care about. Privacy: computer at home better, you have physical protection of files. Speed: VPS faster. Price: home, 1 time cost + electricity. VPS, monthly cost and storage is more expensive online. I have 100 of GB of photos though, so my use case is much different than yours.

I would suggest a Raspberry Pie or other SBC with at least 4 GB of RAM. You could have a RAID 1 external USB box with 2 x 3 TB drives. The RAID 1 setup will protect you from a hard disk failure. Then I would do an offsite backup to another hard drive somewhere using Restic or Borg. Your backup scenario should be more robust the more valuable your photos are to you (but that is a whole other topic).

Yes. Once you setup Photoprism, there is basically no maintenance. My photos are automatically uploaded from my phone with Nextcloud app to nextcloud. I run a cron job every night to copy those photos into Photoprism and index the files.

Along with your photos, Photoprism needs to make thumbnails, have a database etc, so 1 TB of photos on a 2 TB hard drive is ok, but doesn’t give you huge room for growth (depending on how many photos you take every week).

You can also check Photoprism ‘forum’, to see what questions and experiences others are having Discussions · photoprism/photoprism · GitHub

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Thanks a lot, @arkadi! Your input is very valuable. I intend to rely on Cubbit for long-term backups, but there is no optimization at all for images, galleries and tagging (yet). I am annotating my thoughts here, we will see if, how and when I will eventually reach a final solution.

I will take some time to go through all of this during the summer.


@tommi and all, I have a great news ! I have just been able to build and run manually a Photoprism instance on my test Yunohost server. I should be able to package it within the coming weeks. It should run much smoother than within docker, which is a nightmare for small server ressources…


Hello i install photoprims on my yunohost, but i can’"t connect with my yunohst user ?

how create user please ?

The user is admin. It should be the user you defined in your docker or docker-compose file.

How did you install it?


on official packtage u have a way to install, i try it,

but i remove it

we can’t get many user

and my 360 video not working so i remove it