peertube inframe problem

Hey guys
Im not sure where is a problem if Im using embed link like this one in new tab its working perfect but if im trying to post on my web page where is start my problem they show just black image like on this screen shot with peertube official page its everything perfect meybe someone can help me cheers

I did not understand. The link is not working. Where the embed is not working?

Sorry, the address changed , other sites do not work , do not know why.

I can see the embed video

Maybe related to this issue.

But I was not able to reproduce it. The embed video was working for me.

I had in mind embed link is working in browser new tab but if Im trying to post on my own page he becomes inactive.

Can you embed the video on your page and paste the link to your page here? This will help to know if its a packaging issue or a PeerTube issue.

I can play your embedded video.

Can you clear your cache and try different browser?

I done everything what you say for me still same problem but if Im using embed from different PeerTube instances they are working perfect. another site running my sites do not work

Have you tried to embed on other websites other then yours?

yes but not working

Its working fine for me. Try different browser. Maybe a blocker blocking something?

what is your browser?

Its Chromium.

I tried chromium but did not work , I test this thing on Google chrome, brave browser, Opera, Firefox web browser… everywhere was the same inactive… can you try on different browser?

Can you tell the error on the browser console?

I do not understand where the problem is


Can you update the app with this branch and try again to play video embedded in the page?

$ yunohost app upgrade -u peertube

now shows that way 404 Not Found