PC 64bit : issue with "https://yunohost.org/security.rss"

Hi there,

I experience an issue on my Yunohost server, even if it seems to be fixed in prior version … Any idea ?

When I log in my admin account, I see on the top of the screen the following message:
in FR : Impossible de récupérer le flux : yunohost/security.rss
in EN : Unable to fetch : yunohost/security.rss

I’ve changed url above because of new user limitation on posting …

Also, I can’t access: /yunohost/admin/#/tools/security-feed (nothin happen when I click)


2.7.10 (stable)
2.7.7 (stable)
2.7.7 (stable)
2.7.7 (stable)

Architecture: PC 64bit

Ps : je cc @Aleks , car c’est toi qui a répondu à ce post :slight_smile:

Merci !

HI there,

anybody else also experiencing this issue on Yunohost 2.7.10?

Meh I really wonder where this is coming from … At some point, there was definitely an issue with our infra (some Cross Origin stuff) but then I didn’t encounter the issue, both on new and old installs … Nevertheless I think at least two persons still have this issue, but I have no idea where it’s coming from :confused:

Do you see anything in particular in the browser console if you F12 (to open dev / debugging stuff in Firefox ) then reload the page maybe ?

Alright, I found the origin of the issue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Privacy_Badger

When the addon is enabled: I got the the warning and can’t access the Security feed tab in Yunohost admin panel
When the addon is disabled: everything works fine.


User side : whitelist your own domain in the addon setting

More info:

  • Firefox Quantum 59.0.1
  • Privacy Badger version 2018.2.5

Thanks !

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