Own IP always banned in minutes

My YunoHost server: under Debian 11.6, Hosted VPS Server (KVM, 2core,8GB RAM)

Problem: my own IP is always banned within minutes

Hello all,

since two days, my yunohost Server is banning my IP very few minutes.
with: fail2ban-client status yunohost I can see my own IP from my provider and can unban the IP again.

  • I can’t see anything about this in the yunohost logs.
    fail2ban log only shows: 2023-01-14 13:14:46,607 fail2ban.filter [687]: INFO [yunohost] Found %my IP% - 2023-01-14 13:14:46
  • ssh connecion is always working (I don’t use std. Port22 and use a SSH authentication key).
  • Only my browser (windows Client) has a open connection to the Yunohost webinterface. Tested with two diffrent browser). I also cal see that only the browser has a connection to the IP of my externla yunohost Server.
  • Diagnostic only shows me the information about a lot of failed logins…“Recently there has been a suspiciously high number of authentication errors…”

But how to find out why my I is banned? I looks arrond a bit in /vag/log, but I’m not very familiar with linux. Is there a more detaild log about this?

best regards

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What are the jails where your IP is banned ?

You should check sshd (for the ssh), yunohost (many things) and of course recidive :
sudo fail2ban-client status recidive (replace recidive by any jail name)

If you have too much IP banned in a jail to manually check, you can issue this command :
sudo fail2ban-client status recidive | grep $YOUR_IP (replace $YOUR_IP by… your IP)

If the output is not empty, then your IP have been banned in this jail.

Hello, thanks for the reply,

yes, my IP was banned in yunohost and also in recidive, but not for sshd.
But now I closed the putty ssh session and can’t login anymore again. So looks like I’m also banned here now…
Have to wait for tomorrow to continue. I think it more a Client device Problem. Have uninstalled now everything. I will seach again tomorrow.


cf Authentication issues with YunoHost 11.1.0 with new SSOwat version / Please upgrade to YunoHost 11.1.2 to fix - #30

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ok thanks I will try.
This would also explain my other question. I was already wondering why I’m suddenly in the “testing” release Version. I somehow didn’t put that in context since I had already seen the “testing” before this banning problem.

many thanks

Thats it, no more banning since 2h!
Many Thanks !!!

Hit by the testing release on the stable channel too !

About the IP banned. I added an allow list as mentioned here:

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