[Overleaf] Open-source online real-time collaborative LaTeX editor

Sorry for the late answer!
What are the logs of oveleaf-hostory-v1.service?
And is the mongod service running?

Mongod service is running, I don’t see anything problematic there:

And here are overleaf-history-v1 's log:

I don’t see anything wrong either.
Could you please share me the failed update and the failed restore logs so I may understand more and prevent this again?

Arf, I just did the new update, available since today, and now it seems to work properly.

But please, could you change the screenshoot associated with Overleaf to an actual screenshoot of Overleaf with Yunohost? The review mode is (currently?) not available.


Indeed, it’s a pro feature.
PR welcome :upside_down_face:

How can I remove user account as administrator? I created an account for someone using built-in feature to in Overleaf but now I want to delete it.

It’s a pro feature unfortunately.
There is a command line tool for it, but I’m not sure it works.
You can try:
cd /var/www/overleaf/live/services/web
node modules/server-ce/scripts/delete-user --email=mail@example.com

ARM64 is gone?

Oh you could install overleaf on ARM64?