Organization of the forum



We are discussing ways to clarify and improve the organization. The purpose is also to provide more visibility to the ways one can contribute to the project. It will be rediscussed during the Contributors Meeting on September 4th.

Here is a proposal (■ represent subcategories):


News about YunoHost and the team.
■ Security ■ Official Apps announcement


The support category is meant for common questions about YunoHost after it is up and running. For installation questions, use the sub category. For advanced use case, use community -> Advanced use cases
■ Installation ■ Apps ■ Brique Internet / Internet Cube


This category welcomes all general discussions about the community, the usage of YunoHost, community applications, and so on.
■ Tutorial ans Howto’s ■ Advanced use cases ■ Apps announcement

Contribute room

The place to come to contribute and discuss with others contributors.
■ Apps packaging ■ Support / doc ■ Communication ■ Translation ■ Core Dev :lock: Council :lock: Money


Je dois avouer que je ne me sers pas de cette page d’accueil.

Nous sommes peut-être plusieurs dans ce cas, mais pour ma part, je n’utilise que la loupe (recherche de sujet) ou l’onglet “récents”, et je parcours les derniers titres de sujets en ouvrant ceux qui me parlent et sont suffisamment explicites.

Pour la théorie, je trouve votre proposition plutôt bien.


ça me parait très bien cette proposition de nouvelle organisation.
Les rubriques sont beaucoup plus claires!

For advanced use case, use community -> Advanced use cases

I think that will confuse people. I better see Advanced use cases in the Support section.

As an app packager, I have a question regarding the support. Overall, people are asked to create Issues on the repo page of the apps. But they may ask for help in the Support section, or “worse” in the App announcement thread.
Does the mod team prefer to be asked to split threads if the announcement one becomes about support, or leave it as is?

During Brique Camp we have thought it would be better to put that in Community Category than in Support one. Topic like “Create a .onion”, “Change the design of SSO”, “Yunohost 3 & HTTP 2”, “Yunohost & Raid” should be more like a common contribution than a request of support.

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