Ongoing issue on our infrastructure

We currently have an issue affecting one of our main server. As a consequence, several services are down such as the website and documentation, registering new domains, accesssing the install script throug, or upgrading yunohost packages.

We are in the process of investigating the issue.


The issue has been fixed thanks to @beudbeud, services should be going back to normal !


Thanks for fixing this issue!

Posting here as I think it may be related to the outage you had: ends in the middle of a string.

~$ yunohost app fetchlist

returns this error:

Error: Retrieved file for application list yunohost is not valid

Thanks for your time!

Uh it doesnt seem to …?

Can you still reproduce the issue ?


I think an issue is ongoing on the infrastructure about the DNS resolver.


Thanks for reporting this issue. Bind9 was not responding even if marked as active… I have restarted the service and it seems ok.

1 Like appears to be down, and my * address isn’t loading.

Is this related?

Doesn’t appear to be down to me … Closing this topic because it’s about an old issue which is now resolved, and is not meant to be used for support …