[Odoo] see LibreERP


Hello everybody,

I have packaged the Odoo ERP suite for YunoHost here: https://github.com/scith/odoo_ynh


Odoo is a suite of web based open source business apps. The main Odoo Apps include an Open Source CRM, Website Builder, eCommerce, Project Management, Billing & Accounting, Point of Sale, Human Resources, Marketing, Manufacturing, Purchase Management, …


Previously, I ran this app using Docker but now it will run natively on YunoHost (at least on Debian Jessie)!

With this app you can install Odoo in version 8 or 9. The database is automatically created (please tell me if you need additional languages). If you want YunoHost users to be able to log into Odoo, read the Github for instructions

You can also very easily allow your YunoHost users to log into Odoo! (see readme)

Not working yet:

  • Backup and restore via Odoo (works with a trick shared on the Github)
  • Backup and restore via YunoHost
  • Automatic LDAP configuration

This app could be of particular interest to @kanhu @tebo @ricardo @portanicolas

Please test it and share your bugs/wishes in the github repository


I think I could test in about 1 week.


@scith thanks for the package

Thanks! I have made two interesting addition to the app:

  • Multi-instances! You can install several Odoo apps! Each will need to be install on root, for example erp1.test.com, erp2.test.com and so on
  • Databases are created automatically! You can choose the admin password and langage when installing the YunoHost app

On the Github I have shared a trick to backup/restore the databases using the Odoo web interface, but it is sub-optimal :cry:
This is again because of Nginx… If there is an Nginx expert out there, hear my call :laughing:

Still to do:

  • Automatic LDAP setup + emails
  • Backup/restore via Odoo fix
  • Backup/restore via YunoHost
  • SMTP settings

maybe u want to look at this https://github.com/Yenthe666/InstallScript/pull/74 + https://github.com/chris001/InstallScript

Bonjour à tous,
je cherche quelqu’un de motivé pour mettre à jour Odoo et l’intégrer aux YunoHost-Apps :hugs:
C’est possible ou c’est trop de boulot ? :innocent:

En fait, il y a une branche fonctionnelle non officiellement publiée dans la mesure où en ce moment on a un doute sur le fait qu’on ai le droit de diffuser un package Odoo car Odoo est une marque…

@scith Where is the Odoo package?
Have you stopped maintaining it ?

Yes I abandoned it. There is a new one on Yunohost-Apps by @ljf under a different name for copyright reasons. I think libreerp or something like this

If you want to install quickly a close fork of Odoo (“Odoo” string in the app is replaced by LibreERP), you can do it with this package: LibreERP - A nice ERP (odoo fork)

Thanks I will test it toady. I did not know the odoo package has been changed to LibreERP.