Odoo on YunoHost (Dockerized)

I drafted a first Odoo app for YunoHost as Odoo seems to be requested quite often… It would have been quite complex to make it running on the YunoHost server, I decided to Dockerize it (see my various Docker posts and apps)

Here is the result: https://github.com/scith/docker_odoo_ynh

What works: Odoo (I guess…)
What doesn’t work (yet): autorestart at server restart/crash, backup and restore, probably other things
Important: This app MUST be installed on the domain’s root (e.g., http://odoo.domain.tld/). As a result you cannot choose a custom path (e.g., http://domain.tld/odoo/ will NOT work). This is a consequence of Odoo’s behavior behind nginx.

I need to finetune the systemd startup file to be able to restart Odoo easily. I also need to get my head around Docker backup/restore processes to allow a seamless backup/restore with Moulinette

This means that this app is not yet suitable for production of course… Don’t go all in this app to run your business :smile:

I would love your feedback

Thanks, In my case, would like to use odoo for ngos
I’ll give you feedback if get stuck with the app.

Moreover, if we can find a neat way to run docker properly on yunohost, it’s gonna be intresting for complex app like this one.

The question for me is, is this container (the official odoo one) is the good one. I don’t really know.

Good job, anyway.

Thanks, please let me know :smile:
I think the official Odoo container is good enough. I looked at the others but they don’t differ much. One had PostgreSQL and Odoo in the same container though but I am not sure about it security-wise. It could solve the problem of autorestart though (and maybe ease backup/restore).

I have made a serie of apps around Docker: Docker containers and management in YunoHost!

I think the core is working quite well. Docker is installed automatically on YunoHost in each of these apps. The containers can be managed as services on the YunoHost admin panel. Also the DockerUI apps gives a dedicated web administration interface (to remove images for example).

The standard process is:

  1. Create your container using https://github.com/scith/docker_container_ynh (with ports redirected with -p
  2. Create your YunoHost app using https://github.com/scith/redirect_ynh

I have also made an empty template to create apps like this Odoo one: https://github.com/scith/docker_template_ynh (feel free to fork and pull request)
I still need to work on the backup/restore features though.


Where can I find the odoo installed to modify its pages.
Normal the installed app are in var/www/app. But I can not find odoo anywhere.

It lives within a container so it is a bit more difficult…
You could either SSh into the container
Or go in /var/lib/docker/volumes and find the folder which has the data (you can use my dockerUI app to find it if you have many containers)

Hi @scith

I can not access my server after I have restarted the server with docker.
Is there any solution?

I have solved the issue